Genre: Drama
A Play By Gerald Zipper Performances start April 22nd, 2005 At The Impact Theatre, Brooklyn, New Yor

These are the days of unnecessarily circular warfare and no theatrical effort puts this truth in a more humanistic light than Gerald Zipper's new original play.

"You can expect this to be the last war and then we'll absolutely have peace ever can you reject such a monumental responsibility?"

But alas one war is never enough and KETTLE DREAMS is at large that surrealistic interpretation of the effects of war on the human condition. It is also an intimate portrait of the life of a modest man driven both by idealistic ambition and a basic desire to provide worldly comfort to those he cherishes the most.

Our story is set against the gritty backdrop of a bomb factory amidst an Orwellian world of never ending warfare; and while Arthur, our hero, tries his best, working with the hardened and cynical Charley, to make ends meet in their industry, he is pulled in different directions by his love for his sweetheart Cherise and his desire to provide a satisfying life for her and his son, a life different from that which he has had. A life which his own father died trying to provide.

Through his trials Arthur finds life a sometimes vicious cycle with no rewards but the love of those whom we keep close to our hearts.

Open:   04/22/05
Close:   05/07/05

///April 22-24, 28-30, and May 6 & 7. Performances are scheduled for 8 PM, with the exception of Sundays, when the performance will be a 3 PM
Theater:   Impact Theatre
Address:   190 Underhill Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11225
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Cost:$15.00, $12.00 Students and Seniors