Genre: Comedy
The First Day Of School: Written and Performed by Brian Hopson, Ross Beshear, and Stephen Radochia

We invite one and all to come join us for the most unique, entertaining and original sketch comedy event ever seen. If you're looking for politically correct humor, head in the other direction please- we spare NOONE! (not even ourselves) You will find everything from a drunken Santa Claus to a horny Scarecrow at this delightfully disturbing show. The BEST part is you can bring all your tasty bar drinks right into the theatre. COME BE A PART OF THE INSANITY!!! (18 and over please)
Open:   06/15/05
Close:   06/15/05

Wednesday Night June 15, 2005 8:00 PM
Theater:   Producers Club Theatres
Address:   358 W 44th Street
New York, NY 10036
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A Short Walk from Times Square

Cost:$ 5.00 if purchasing in advance / $10.00 at the door or Call: Brian Hopson at (201) 736- 8348
Stephen Radochia as the Cowardly Lion, Mickey the Famed Sperm Explorer, the Crazed Java Junkie, Mr. Smooth, Ronald McDonald, Gandolf, and the Over- Excited Prisoner...
Stephen acted in plays for several years in Boston as well as some obscure "low budget", "independent films" that no one has ever heard of or seen before making his big move to New York City in the spring of 2004. He's excited to be making his sketch comedy debut. He was most recently seen in one of the strangest versions of Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida you could possibly imagine.

Ross Beshear as Musical Theatre Man, the Horny Scarecrow, the Drunken Santa Claus, the Java Drug Dealer, the Wounded Sperm, Frodo Baggins, and Mr. Whitebread...
Ross was born and raised in The Heart of Dixie. (That's Alabama for all you yankees...) He is thrilled to co- write, and perform in his first sketch comedy project. He is usually acting in serious Shakespearean plays which always end up with him dying an agonizing death on stage, so this a very refreshing role for him. Ross has backpacked the Appalachian Trail, sailed ships in the Mediterranean, deer hunted in the deep south backwoods, and traveled from California to Alabama in 1 day. Theatre credits include Lee in True West, Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, Edgar in Edgar Allan Poe, and Mozart in Amadeus.

If anyone would like mustache grooming tips from this man... please do not hesitate to ask.

Monserate Cevallos as Happy- Go- Lucky Dorothy, Various Kids Who Have Their Childhood Innocence Forever Stripped, the Gym Instructor's Assistant, and Booty- Shaking Shaquanda...
Monserate is excited about making her sketch comedy debut. This multi- talented native of Queens has been a dancer at Broadway Dance Center for years. She specializes in choreography for various dance routines and has done modelling. She's also an aspiring singer. The term "triple threat" definitely applies to this future superstar!