Genre: Drama
Written by Megan Lohne , Directed by Laura

BEYOND VENUS is an evening of works that encompasses the varying degree's by which women define themselves or are bound to a specific stereotype. The evening is comprised of four separate pieces that illuminate these ideas.

The first "Bound" follows the internal journey of a young woman striving to meet the pop culture estimate of the perfect body.

The next, "Ophelia Descends" details a young woman's journey on the road to understanding where she begins and her relationship ends.

"Purge Partners" is a dialogue between two strangers on the steps of an abortion clinic strained to deal with the societal and personal ramifications of the act itself. The final piece,

"Not an Ingénue" highlights a young woman's persona pilgrimage toward dealing with the definitions that the theatre and the world have placed upon her and cause her to wonder, are there any ingénues left?

Open:   04/06/05
Close:   04/09/05

Wednesday - Thursday at 8pm
Friday - Saturday at 9pm.
Theater:   Creative Place Theater
Address:   750 8th Avenue, Suite 602
New York, NY 10036
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Cost:$15.00 or Call: at 212 769-7973 #2