Genre: Solo Performance
Directed by Randy Sharp

Not Yet Diagnosed (Nervous 1918) concerns the effects of the extreme shell shock suffered by WWW veterans following their service. Set in an allied trench during 1918, a small group of American soldiers wake to find themselves abandoned by everyone on the battlefield, including the Germans. On this desolate landscape everyone from the Army Photographic Corps specialist to the loneliest infantry solider tries to piece together what may have happened during the night? Were they left behind? Is the war over? Are they already home? Is there anybody out there? A multimedia piece
Preview:   03/31/05
Open:   03/09/05
Close:   05/21/05

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Theater:   Axis Theatre
Address:   1 Sheridan Square
New York, NY 10014
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Cost:$20.00, $12.00 Students and Seniors
Buy Tickets Online or Call: at 212-807-9300
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