Genre: Comedy, Drama, Solo Performance
written and directed by and starring Jessica Lynn Johnson

If you are a self proclaimed "smut-a-holic", enjoying talk shows, sleazy dating shows, trashy magazines, and whatever else the media throws your way, or if you simply enjoy laughing out loud, than Oblivious To Everyone is the play for you.

Ms. Johnson plays the role of Carrie, a young woman seeking psychiatric evaluation after repeated complaints from friends and family of her alleged multiple 'personalities'. The show takes place in a doctor's office as Carrie rattles off her many media related experiences over the years, denying that these things have had any effect on her. Carrie swears that being an avid TV watcher is hardly grounds for a counseling session. Yet, as the play unfolds, the audience will see just how oblivious Carrie really is to everyone. This is a dynamite serio-comedy in one act and a definite must see!

Open:   03/29/05
Close:   04/02/05

Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm, Saturday at 8pm
Theater:   Creative Place Theater
Address:   750 8th Avenue, Suite 602
New York, NY 10036
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Cost:$15.00 or Call: at (212)769-7973,