Genre: Drama
By: P.J. Gibson

Directed By: Chuck Patterson
Produced By: Hazel Dolphy
Co-Produced By: Robb Cheeks

UNVEILINGS is the story of a strong African-American family, the WATERFORD'S, a people of deep lineage who are financially, intellectually and culturally sound. A former college professor chooses to spend her last days on her parents estate. On this, her birthday, she receives as gifts - revelations of lies, deception and cheated years with the man she loved. Three generations of women drive the plot of this play. The themes of deception, jealousy, love, favorites and secrets manifests themselves in the tearing and torn relationships between mothers, daughters and sisters. This beautiful work, is strong on character, set in an appealing environment, exposing the ugliness people can do to one another, even if they share blood.

About the Company: Dolphy Productions Llc
To create, develop, write, produce and showcase dedicated and well rounded actors.

Open:   04/26/05
Close:   04/30/05

Tuesday, Wednesday at 7:30PM, Friday and Saturday @ 8:00 PM
Reservations are Welcomed!
Theater:   Producers Club Theatres
Address:   358 W 44th Street
New York, NY 10036
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A Short Walk from Times Square

Cost:General Admission $25.00 at Door or Call: DOLPHY PRODUCTIONS at 917 416 8072
Company: Dolphy Productions Llc         Official Web Site: www.dolphyproductions.com
Hazel Dolphy As Jocelyn Waterford, Carolyn's Daughter

A descendant of her vivacious Jamaican roots, Hazel Dolphy is intuitively a revolutionary go-getter. Her passion for acting was molded as a 13 year-old watching the movie Above the Rim being filmed at her alma mater, Tilden High School, in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, Hazel has consistently cultivated her craft while getting ready for her big break. She has graced the cover of a children's book and hosted several pilot television shows. Hazel has also worked with the legendary NEC (Negro Ensemble Company).

Hazel's passions have helped conceptualize and establish her production company, Dolphy Productions, LLC. Growing tired of waiting to be cast amongst her peers in the industry her company's mission is based on the basic principle of desire and destiny: the desire to perform, and the destiny to make a difference by producing work for struggling actors within the industry. Hazel is elated to produce her first production, UNVEILINGS. Hazel performs her other passion as a social worker for children in the New York City foster care system. Holding a Bachelor's in Forensic Psychology, she is driven by her belief in God. Hazel knows first hand that anything worth having involves sacrifice, determination, discipline and persistence. "Dare to kneel before God and you will stand up high before men" Hazel dedicates all performances to faithful supporters, friends, family, Alexia Dolphy and her "FANTABULOUS" mother, Fay Wright.

In addition to being an actress, producer and drama teacher, Hazel performs her other passion as a social worker for children in the New York City foster care system. Holding a Bachelor's in Forensic Psychology, she is driven by her belief in God. As part of her dedication to her work, she will be donating 20 tickets for performances of Unveilings to SAFE HORIZON, an organization that strives to help victims of domestic violence.

Hazel is currently seeking new theatrical and commercial representation. For more information on Hazel, visit www.dolphyproductions.com and/or www.hazeldolphy.com.

Ozzie Stewart As Carolyn Waterford
After a long hiatus from "the business", where Ozzie began at the age of 6 in the ballet arena and progressed tp musical theatre, under the direction of Nobel Laureate, Derek Walcott, Ozzie returned to the film world in Fall '03, and has since completed: a combination of 9 shorts shorts and indies; 3 Off Broadway plays - one with Obie Award playwright, Jose Rivera, screen writer of "The Motorcycle Diaries, in SONNETS OF AN OLD CENTURY, another with Cartoonist/humorist, Francesco Marciuliano, in THIS ISN'T WORKING; 5 industrials and TV commercials; 2 principal roles for China's Schenzhen TV; a supporting role for Japan's Fuji TV; a featured role for a Belgium commercial; as well as Law and Order appearances.

PHEW! WHAT A YEAR from Fall '03 to Fall '04

2005 has started off with Ozzie tapping into the voice-over world; on the reading circuit for cartoons and other works; shooting her first print ad; completed 3 festival intended shorts and 2 commercials; working on a role as a spanish speaking mother as well as UNVEILINGS !

Ozzie is grateful to play the role of Carolyn, written by such an accomplished author and playwright, P.J Gibson, to work under the esteemed direction of Chuck Patterson, to play with this most talented ensemble, to be supported by the crew, fueled by the spark to the fire, Hazel Dolphy and driven forward faithfully from her return by J. Brewer.

Lastly, Ozzie dedicates her performances to the person who drew her back to the business in '03, her inspiration, Renton Kirk, who passed away in September '04 acknowledging all her blessings are due to "HIS favor, by HIS will".

Contact: theozmeister000@yahoo.com

Crystal Shipp As Mama Waterford
Ms. Shipp has performed from coast to coast as a Storyteller/Griot Extraordinaire for public schools in Riverside, California and New York City.

She does a one-woman show of Ms. Harriet Ross Tubman. For the previous three years, Ms. Shipp has opened The Annual Harriet Tubman Humanitarian Award Ceremony at The Lewis Sawyer Theater in Albany, N.Y. with her Production/Performance as Harriet Tubman. She has also performed for The Aegis Society, a member of The Federation of African American Civil Service Organizations.

(Contact: myohoqueen@earthlink.net)

Ms. Shipp is currently seeking new theatrical and commercial representation.

Fern Howell As Abigail Waterford
Fern Howell a native New Yorker whose professional career began with Vieux Carre by Tennessee Williams at the Actor*s Repertory Theatre. A recipient of the Eugene O*Neill Playwrights Conference and an AUDELCO nominee for Kermit Frazier*s Shadows and Echoes. Ms. Howell performed in Vernon Early by Horton Foote at Horton By The Stream, an outdoor summer theatre. Her regional and off-Broadway credits include: Unveilings; Good Black... ; Wet Carpets; Long Time Since Yesterday; A Raisin in the Sun (25th Anniversary version); Inacent Black and The Five Brothers; The Bloodrite; Hollow Image; and Still Such A Thing As Love to name a few. Ms. Howell has studied at Rosetta Lenoir*s AMAS Repertory Theatre; Ernie McClintock*s 126th Repertory Theatre and Warren Robertson Theatre Workshop.

P.J. Gibson Playwright

P.J. GIBSON holds a M.F.A in Theatre Arts from Brandeis University and a B.A. in Drama, Religion and English from Keuka College. To date she has written over thirty plays, Long Time Since Yesterday has alone had upwards of sixty productions, her other works have been presented throughout the United States, Europe and Africa. A published writer, Ms. Gibson also has numerous poems and short stories to her credit. She has been the recipient of many honors including the Audelco VIV Pioneer Award, the National Black Theatre Festival's August Wilson Playwright Award; the Bushfire Theatre of Performing Arts Seventh Annual "Walk of Fame" where her signature and hand print is imprinted in their Sidewalk of Fame, a Shubert Fellowship, a playwriting grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, two prestigious Audelco Awards, two PSC-CUNY Research Award grants and six playwriting commissions. She was the Celebrated Playwright at The Ensemble Studio Theatre's Going To The River 2003 festival, and will receive the honor of being included in the Hatch-Billiops Collection Inc. Artist and Influence program in the spring of 2004. Ms. Gibson's plays and poetry performances have been presented throughout the United States, Europe and Africa. In addition to her writing Ms. Gibson is an Associate Professor of English at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. She has been an Artist In Residence at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She holds a Proclamation from the city of Trenton, New Jersey and a Key To The City from Indianapolis, Indiana.