Genre: Comedy
by Clique Brown

Reaching the American dream sometimes means walking a path of obstacles.
But, in breaking barriers, one can learn, grow and change.

An amusing battle of the sexes that takes place somewhere in the south sometime in the 1940s. "His, Hers and Ours" is the story of budding entrepreneurs and best friends Rita Jones and Thelma Lou, who partner to open a beauty shop - right next door to Burt Carlson's barbershop. Burt, a man who thinks that woman should stay at home, cook, clean and take care of children, is not pleased by the new business in town. Loudly complaining to his customers and cohorts about the space being rented to "a bunch of hens," not to mention the potential loss of their Friday night crap games, he threatens them with banishment from his establishment if any go to her aid.

Rita and Burt snap and snarl at each other, but with the help of Bullah Dillard, the preachers wife, and Billy Thornton, a talented young handyman who longs for a high school diploma, the two beauticians get their business up and running. Burt and Rita eventually manage to reach a flirtatious meeting of the minds and he with his and she with hers go on to reach an understanding that leads to what becomes Ours.

Open:   02/08/05
Close:   04/20/05

Saturday, February 26, Saturday, March 5th and Saturday, March 19th
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Theater:   Black Box @ 440 Studios
Address:   440 Lafayette St, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10003
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