Genre: Comedy, Drama
By Slawomir Mrozek, Directed by Paul Bargetto

Two one-act dark comedies. Thinly disguised as animal fables the play follows the character of fox, a charismatic natural born killer with a conscience.

In Philosopher Fox, on his way through the woods, Fox crosses paths with a Bishop taking a "breath of fresh air on a bench." Seeking spiritual guidance, Fox attempts to hustle the clergyman into hearing his confession and granting him an indulgence but the Bishop's total silence demolishes Fox's confidence and unleashes a crisis of faith with troubling consequences.

In Serenade, the self-confessed murderer attempts to seduce the "hens" of a local henhouse with sweet music and rebel angst, under the beak of an overprotective "rooster."

Open:   02/03/05
Close:   02/27/05

Thursday-Saturday at 7:30pm, Sunday at 2pm
Theater:   Collective Unconscious
Address:   279 Church Street
New York, NY 10013
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Take the 1 or 9 train to Franklin Street or the N.R. Q or 6 train to Canal Street

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