Genre: Comedy, Drama
by Jorge Kuri, English translation by Edith Luna, directed by Raine Bode

Kuri described his play as "An Autumnal Farce of the Cosmic Anguish." Its theme is succinctly explained by a proverb that says, "It's better to have a broken heart than a rusted one." The play reflects on the risk that love implies the consequences of it, and the price to live an adventure. It unfolds in a sketchy form, with an atmosphere somewhat like an early 20th century medicine show--as if to be played before the oleos.

A young man named Fenix arrives in a nowhere town, accompanied by a mentor who is teaching him the art of traveling. He confuses love between a young woman and her older sister who is a prostitute; the latter of whom literally steals his heart because she longs to free herself from a mythical punishment. The play's second part is aptly subtitled, "The Cabaret of Discontinued Love." It contains many outward philosophical pronouncements on love, as when a braggart guard of a tenement house declares, "Love is the bitterness of the meringue, an expensive and sweet candy that becomes bitter; is the central garden where all paths come together. However, love doesn't exist; it is a path that invents itself in every mirage and offers to travelers the fleeting illusion of a city where travelers can stop to give their heart a rest...but...but everybody is happy and so am I."

Open:   01/22/05
Close:   02/06/05

Tuesday to Saturday at 8:00PM, Sundays @ 2:30PM and 8:00PM
Theater:   La Mama (first Floor Theater)
Address:   74A E. 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
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6 to Bleecker, walk east to Bowery, north to East 4th, east to theater, or take the F or V train to 2nd Avenue & walk to East 4th

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