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The Bronx Balmers  | Open: 11/02/06 Close: 11/19/06
Off The Leash Productions presents "The Bronx Balmers," an emotional and compelling new drama by Bronx native Jeremy Handelman, at The Turtle's Shell Theater starting November 2. One long-time director calls Handelman "...a new playwright of great force and promise".

Set in the Bronx during the tumultuous ‘60s, "The Bronx Balmers" explores what happens to the institutions of community and family when unstoppable outside forces impose radical change. The play offers an unvarnished examination of the subtle but complicated role that racism, sex, infidelity, generational conflict and the limits of friendship play in the lives of everyday people who are forced to confront these issues for the first time.

The literal and emotional center of "The Bronx Balmers" is Rose Balmer, whose comfortable Jewish neighborhood is being turned upside-down by the profound social change of the times. In addition to coping with her beloved Yankees being eclipsed by the Mets, Rose must now confront a much bigger crisis: her rebellious teenage daughter is returning from New Mexico with a big surprise, and Rose's family is coming apart at the seams. How far will this strong-willed and caring matriarch go to hold her rapidly changing world -- and family -- together? "The Bronx Balmers" answers those questions with passion, honesty and considerable humor.

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The F#%KING UP EVERYTHING  | Open: 03/15/13 Close: 05/18/13

The F#%KING UP EVERYTHING cast includes Lisa Birnbaum (I'm Getting My Act Together..., Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party), Dawn Cantwell (Dog Fight, NYMF’s Next Broadway Sensation Winner), Katherine Cozumel (Rent, Spring Awakening, The Last Five Year), Max Crumm (TV’s “You’re the One That I Want,” Broadway: Grease. Film:Easy A), Jason Gotay (Broadway: Bring It On), George Salazar (Broadway: Godspell. National Tour: Spring Awakening), and Douglas Widick (Films: Hipsters (are Roaming the Campus), Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury.Stage:Marat/Sade)

F#%KING UP EVERYTHING is a rock musical comedy with heart. Set in today’s Brooklyn indie music scene, it is an old-fashioned boy-meets-girl love story for the 21st Century. When these hipsters aren't true to who they are, they screw up everything. Especially love. And no one screws up more than children’s puppeteer Christian Mohammed Schwartzelberg when he meets singer-songwriter Juliana, the girl of his dreams.