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A Comedy Of Errors  | Open: 05/14/09 Close: 05/24/09
Cartoons meets Classics as Phare Play Productions presents A Comedy of Errors, adapted and directed by Michael Hagins. Using the slapstick style that ran rampant in the cartoons we all grew up with, Hagins brings live animation to this Shakespearean tale of double twins confusing an entire town. The show features lots of pratfalls, slaps, weaponry, chases and love triumphant.

Arsenic And Old Lace  | Open: 07/17/09 Close: 07/26/09
Phare Play presents Joseph Kesselring's great American classic, Arsenic and Old Lace, directed by Emmy award winner Blake Bradford . Set in early 1940's Brooklyn, this dark comedy follows Mortimer Brewster, an up-and-coming theater critic whose intention to marry the next door minster's daughter is thwarted when he finds that his sweet, lovable aunts are hiding a dozen dead bodies in the cellar!


Bludgeon The Lime  | Open: 05/16/09 Close: 05/24/09
If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, change the locks.

Two couples - a tried and tired doctor and his society wife and a young lesbian couple who aren't quite revealed to the public, enter couples therapy to save their relationships. They meet Agatha who has instituted "separation therapy" in the hopes of reconnecting her wayward clients. When the therapy goes awry, they each find a certain truth in distance from their significant others, and are faced with the choice of acceptance or breaking the rules to reach their desire. Phare Play Productions is proud to present the world premiere of Bludgeon the Lime, a comical tale that explores these divergent relationships and shows how a little space to breathe can do wonders.

Call Waiting  | Open: 03/28/09 Close: 04/05/09
Welcome to the chaotic world of semi-engaged Samantha and semi-single mom, Jill - best friends attached by their cells. As they stumble along the path of life, they get tripped up by James the cheater, nice guy Brian, bubbly Cassie and Steve who is… well, just Steve. Filled with good humor, healthy rage and crab rangoons - these gals discover that they've got a lot of advice, they just aren't the best at taking it…but that's for another phone call. Phare Play Productions premieres this fun, new romantic dramedy by Nora Vetter.

Callback  | Open: 12/29/06 Close: 01/14/07
Phare Play Productions inaugural season opens with Bill Svanoe's love letter to the theatre, Callback. Spanning the course of 40 years in the lives of an aspiring actor and director, Callback chronicles the joy and disappointments that change the lives and relationships of two friends starting with their first meeting off-off Broadway in the 1960's.
Carl the Second  | Open: 11/01/07 Close: 11/11/07
Carl Fraser has settled into his life as a city bookstore manager and a "second" in his and everybody else's life. Enter Christine, the woman of his dreams, ready to elevate Carl's status with her affection, but is he ready to be more than a loveable loser?
Dark of the Moon  | Open: 02/22/07 Close: 03/18/07
A modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet, Dark of the Moon takes place in the mountains of North Carolina in the early 1920's within a tight knit community that strongly values religion, music, and hard work. Intertwined with beautiful folk and gospel music, Dark of the Moon is the story of a witch boy named John (Kevin Sebastian) who falls in love with the headstrong Barbara Allen (Emily Mostyn-Brown) and begs Conjur Man to make him human so he can pursue her. If Barbara stays faithful for one year, John can remain in her human world. But as strange occurrences begin in Buck Creek, the townspeople search for why their community is being disrupted and will do whatever it takes to return to their comfortable ways.
Fat Kids on Fire  | Open: 01/26/08 Close: 02/06/08
Back at home, 15 year old Bess is another angst-ridden teenager trying to fit in. But this summer, things are going to be different. Shirts come off, hearts are faint, first times are had, hands sweat, the sun burns. Campers and counselors alike are automatically drawn to the new skinny fat girl who's a definite shoe-in for the illustrious title of Camp Princess. Popularity, power, and self-worth get mixed up as Bess struggles to find her identity. Will she return to school a new woman or will her new self fade like the summer? Colored with sweat stains, stashed sweets, and the awkward innocence of first loves, award-winning playwright Bekah Brunstetter's "Fat Kids on Fire" is a candid telling of fitting in, living big, and feeling small.
Gay Slave Handbook  | Open: 10/20/06 Close: 10/22/06
Phare Play Productions presents Blake Bradford's Gay Slave Handbook, directed by Wayne Yeager. Set against a blackout in New York City, Bradford's award-winning play follows Sebastian, a mid-twenties gay man filming a class project, while his best friend (Giulia) is visiting. When Sebastian's ex-boyfriend (Jimmy) shows up unexpectedly, a fierce night of dark comedy ensues.

Starring Benjamin Farber, Nicole Serra, and John Michael Crotty, Gay Slave Handbook reminds us all that first love is a bitch to get over. Recently performed in Chicago and Mexico City, Gay Slave Handbook returns to New York City with a vengeance.

I, Undertow  | Open: 03/26/09 Close: 04/05/09
Everyone has issues. All of Justin's live in North Carolina.

Justin's an up and coming artist thriving in NYC whose world grinds to a halt when the worse thing possible happens to him - he gets the call to come home due to his grandmother's failing health. Slinking back to small town North Carolina with his latest one night stand forced upon him, he finds himself back neck deep in the family issues that he had been avoiding for more than a decade and facing the girl he left behind. In the midst of the culture clash between small town quirkiness and big city society behavior, Justin may actually discover what he had been running from for all of those years. Phare Play Productions is proud to present the world premier of Blake Bradford's newest play - a hard look at the humor and heartache of going home.

Inside Carl's Shorts  | Open: 11/17/06 Close: 11/19/06
Inside Carl's Shorts
One-act Plays by Carl Williams

Six one-acts by prize-winning playwright Carl Williams

Nov 17: 8pm
Nov 18: 3pm & 8pm
Nov 19: 3pm & 7pm

The Royal Theatre
The Producers' Club
358 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10032

What Are Words Worth to a Long Fellow?:
A young man intent on living a dissolute, artistic life is driven by necessity and the insistence of his older sister into accepting responsibility.

His Critical Condition:
A playwright/director gets to verbally strike back at the caustic critic who has just shredded her current play.

Members of the Club:
The wife of a lawyer holds an afternoon tea for three very different women, all of whom are having affairs with her husband. She serves up the incriminative evidence along with the tea, convicting the women while administering their punishment.

The Gift of the Magi – The Untold Story:
Reality sets in just after the conclusion of O. Henry's classic short story, as husband and wife quarrel over the cutting of her hair and the selling of his watch.

The Woman Who Shot Santa Claus:
A man on trial for killing Santa Claus is defended by a slick lawyer who argues that Santa had it coming.

Table for Three:
A man dining alone at a restaurant becomes alarmed when a beautiful woman koins them, seeking protection for a jealous, violent husband, who suspects her of being unfaithful.

Inside Spragg's Shorts  | Open: 06/14/08 Close: 06/18/08
Want to get inside Jen Spragg's shorts? No? Okay, well then how about just watching some one-acts penned by her? Slightly less intimate and doesn't require too much awkward eye contact. If you enjoy long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners and sensual massages, then the argument can be made that you can also enjoy artificial insemination, demonic teen love, and horribly bloody family vacations. Come and bring your friends! And your enemies! And your mildy inappropriate, older shemale crush! See you there!

1) "Not So Calm, But Still Totally Dead" - Directed by Christopher Simon

Funny the things we learn about ourselves sometimes....awful, horrible things.

Starring: Adeel Ahmed, Scott Morales, Erin Roberts and Aref Syed

2) "Wombsgiving" - Directed by Blake Bradford

Happy Thanksgiving. Never has a turkey baster seemed so intimate.

Starring: Mary Brown, Emily Ehlinger, Deborah Johnston, Oliver Thrun, Roland Uruci and Nora Vetter

3) "Apocalypse Earlier" - Directed by Tanya Fazal

It's the end of the world or something like it. It's the perfect time to get to know your neighbors.

Starring: Adeel Ahmed, Megan Delay, Mary Jane Gocher, Christine Grenier, Faith O'Gorman and Jere Williams

4) "Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2,746th President of the United States" - Directed by Glenn English

The presidents are dropping like flies and the fate of the country rests on one man in a hamster bubble.

Starring: Tanya Fazal, Chelsea Holland, Adam Kuruvilla Lelyveld, Scott Morales and Nick Santasier

5) "Big Bang Teary" - Directed by Christopher Burris

Fame! Glamour! Glitz!.....Physics?

Starring: Shura Alexandra, Graeme Humphrey, David Law and Aref Syed

6) "Daddy Issues" - Directed by Christopher Simon

Like Romeo and Juliet, but with more Wenkraks.

Starring: Erin E. Sullivan, Al Miro and Erin Roberts

Jellyroll Shoes  | Open: 10/17/09 Close: 10/25/09
Set in a small town in Upstate New York, Jellyroll Shoes follows the lives of the Anderson Men, lead by patriarch George, a recently ousted town sheriff, and his three sons; Eddie (an up and coming, but still relatively green state patrolman), Joe (the middle son who is now the town's lawyer), and Dave ("The lucky one," the eldest brother who is also an officer). Eddie's girlfriend, firecracker-hottie Linda, helps take care of the boys and their normal routine, which is thrown astray one evening by the surprise arrival of Alice Beck, a local English teacher that Dave helps save from an abusive husband that tries to kill her with a lawnmower. Compounding issues arise when Tim Jones arrives, a miscreant drifter with no past that George believes could be his son that disappeared years ago.

Lysistrata  | Open: 12/09/09 Close: 12/20/09
A group of modern-day men and women present this sexy, classic Greek comedy. In the midst of a battle-torn country, with division amongst the states, the women of Greece have united with one common cause. To bring about national peace, they will bring a different war to their doorstep - by withholding sex until the parties can finally agree on a healthcare, to unify Greece. Let the true battle of the sexes begin!

Necessary Adjustments  | Open: 10/15/09 Close: 10/25/09
You are cordially invited to the weekend wedding of Millie and Jeff - a pro-elopement bride and a self-appointed Groomzilla. Come join them on the verge of starting a new life together with only a few obstacles to get in the way, including the bride's brother - a petulant wannabe rocker, a stripper who can't get through a lap dance without tears and of course, the future mother-in-law - a traditionalist who is just a little reluctant to give her little girl away. As the clock ticks down and the bridal party goes astray, will the couple find happiness in a one way ticket to Hawaii, or the more likely promise of disaster? Necessary Adjustments tells a comical tale of knowing when to alter your personality or stay who you are and fight like hell for the ones you love.


No Sex Please, We're British  | Open: 07/18/09 Close: 07/26/09
Scandinavian pornography abounds when it is mistakenly sent to a bank branch manager and his young bride.  They try to keep it safely hidden from his nosy mother who happens to be visiting, his boss who's trying to become family, a bank inspector with insomnia who comes by for an unexpected visit and a tipsy police superintendent. With the help of the chief cashier who is way over his head, they manage to spin the most insane and deliciously fun web of mistaken identities, physical mishaps and hilarious complications resulting in a true classic door-slamming, high energy farce.

Directed by Christine Vinh Weems

Assistant Directed by Sara Towber

Pants on Fire  | Open: 11/08/08 Close: 11/16/08
This new comedy by Christopher Award Winner Bill Svanoe tells the comedic story of Lynne Weiss, a "middle-aged" single lady, who dips her toes into the zaniness that is internet dating for the very first time. Along the way she stumbles into a hodgepodge of men, from a Viagra induced diplomat to a mobster named Rudy that may or may not be the basis for The Godfather, but in the end she just might find love in the most unexpected of all places.

Directed by Blake Bradford and Brooklyn Scalzo

Snake in Fridge  | Open: 10/26/06 Close: 10/31/06
Halloween: It's not for Kids Anymore.

Phare Play Productions presents Brad Fraser's Snake in Fridge, directed by Blake Bradford. Inspired by Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House, Fraser's main character Corbett has a dead snake escape, triggering bizarre happenings in the home. What is the cause? The snake? The snake's spirit? Or the house itself?

Remember the danger in being a child, the terror of adulthood and the hazardous vulnerability of being an unsuspecting audience member while enjoying an evening of horror with PharePlay Productions.

Spring Shorts  | Open: 03/08/08 Close: 03/12/08
Your god called. He/she commands that you attend Phare Play Productions' Spring Shorts. While avoiding the vengeful wrath of your god, take a look at how one's beliefs color a sphere of circumstances ranging from worship to drinking games, from runaways to the Home Shopping Network. You'll find that laugh-out-loud comedy, romance, and thought provoking pieces abound. This collection of one acts will leave you laughing, crying and maybe even provoke your core beliefs. Plus, you won't get struck down by lightning if you attend. Oh, and your god says to bring friends.

1) "The Super Big Blow-Out Bash at Dionysus' Pad"
Written and directed by Kymm Zuckert

Three gods at a party have a contest to try to get a new believer.

Starring: Nick Masson, Rachel McPhee, Zack Rothman-Hicks, Aref Syed, Michael Weems and Shuo Zhang.

2) "Sorted" by Roland Uruci
Directed by Patricia Drozda

A bickering couple gets more than they expected after a mysteriously enigmantic man hops in their backseat.

Starring: Abraham Adams, Gina Labozetta and Tim Kondrat.

3) "Drunk Reckonings" by Zack Rothman-Hicks
Directed by Susanne Gottesman-Traub

Four drunk college students get a new perspective on life when they hear a news report that aliens are taking over the planet.

Starring: Janice Amano, Mara Dratfield, Chelsea Holland and Miguel Rosales.

4) "Fifi, Effie and the Donut Lady" by Peggy Queener
Directed by Glenn English

In crisis, world-famous Fifi La Grange returns to New York after four months away to entreat help from her two best friends.

Starring: Beth Adler, Sally Connors, Peggy Queener, Zach Rothman-Hicks and Aref Syed.

5) "Taking Toll" by Kendall Rileigh
Directed by Cara Scarmack

A young runaway and her mother find salvation in an unlikely guardian.

Starring: Deborah Johnstone, Natalie Neckyfarow and George Remes.

6) "Burden Me" by Michael Weems
Directed by Aimee Todoroff

A despondent young man seeking answers at church encounters a well-meaning, but troubled groom and his bride-to-be, a painfully familiar face from his past.

Starring: Bill Bria, Nicholas Santasier and Nora Vetter.

Summer Shorts  | Open: 07/19/07 Close: 07/22/07
Dead Cat by Ry Herman Directed by Vallen Pilgrim The Raft by Kristyn Lee Robinson directed by Brooklyn Scalzo 1-900-SEX-DATE by Julian Olf directed by David Pleva The Locker Room by Judy Klass directed by Ari Jacobson I Have It by Bekah Brunstetter directed by Karen Dabney The Wake by Ed Vela Directed by Roland Uruci
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [Abridged]  | Open: 04/13/07 Close: 04/29/07
It can only be described as a roller coaster romp through all of Shakespeare's plays (with a brief drive-by of his sonnets as well). Full of irreverence, wit and good old fashioned screwball comedy, none of the Bard's works are safe from these three (self-proclaimed?) Shakespearean "experts" and even the audience can't get out of the line of fire.
The Eight: Reindeer Monologues  | Open: 12/11/06 Close: 12/23/06
The Eight: Reindeer Monologues

Dec 11-14 @ 8pm
Dec 16-23 @ 8pm
Dec 16 & 17 @ 3pm

Should we be protecting our children from the man in red?

Get the scoop on what Santa Claus is really like right from the mouths of the ones who would know. Vixen has accused Santa of sexual harassment, and each reindeer gives his or her thoughts on the situation. Very Funny. Adult content.

Performances will be at the Producers' Club in the Grand Theater: 358 West 44th St, NY.

The House of Bernarda Alba  | Open: 07/12/08 Close: 07/23/08
After the death of her husband, Bernarda Alba imposes a traditional mourning period of eight years on her household. Bernarda has always ruled her home with an iron fist and kept her five daughters on "short chains." Now that she is the sole dictator, her daughters are left with little escape from her oppression. As a consequence of their father's death, the eldest daughter is left wealthy, while the younger sisters are left with little. This new wealth attracts a suitor, which ignites jealousy and passion among the sisters whom have never been allowed a romance of their own. Each of the sisters copes with their mother's violence, their sisters' jealousy and their repressed desires in her own way, but when the youngest decides to break free at all costs, her actions threaten to destroy them all.
The Importance of Being Earnest  | Open: 11/05/08 Close: 11/16/08
Jack Worthing and Algernon Moncrieff are both busy leading double lives in the highest of style: creating false identities, avoiding family obligations, wooing well-bred young ladies, visiting imaginary invalids and (equally imaginary) wayward brothers. As their respective alternate lives collide, these two will have to decide whether being Ernest or earnest will land them their heart's desire. A contemporary telling retaining the play's classic language yet infused with a shot of sexuality, 'The Importance of Being Earnest' is a prime example of how Wilde's sharp wit and humor transcends the test of time.

Directed by Christine Vinh; Stage Manager: Bridget Halloran

The Last Cloud  | Open: 10/20/06 Close: 10/22/06
Phare Play Productions presents Blake Bradford's The Last Cloud, directed by Anne Thibault. Taking place over the course of a year, The Last Cloud follows five friends as they navigate life after college, in the awkward phase before they have the skills to "be" anything. Things go awry when Laura's younger brother (Andrew) moves in for the summer, showing everyone that there is more to life than office politics. Set against the metaphor of a Rubik's Cube, The Last Cloud is a coming of age story of how friends can get so intertwined that they lose their individuality.

With an amazing ensemble cast, The Last Cloud promises to be a rock-and-roll thrill ride for a generation that is just now considering growing up. Toss in a goulash of art, politics, and blatant 80's nostalgia and you have what reviewer Robert McDowell called, "The most engaging night of theatre I've experience in a long time? A true must-see!"

The Spitfire Grill  | Open: 12/11/09 Close: 12/20/09
Percy Talbot has been released from prison after serving time for manslaughter and lands in Gilead, Wisconsin working at the Spitfire Grill. In this sleepy town, things start to move when the owner of the Spitfire Grill - the only eatery in the struggling town - decides to raffle it off for a $100 a shot and an essay describing why you want to win the grill. Soon, mail is arriving by the wheelbarrow full and things are definitely heating up in Gilead. This musical triumph is an inspiring celebration of fresh starts and the power of what one person can do.

The Tempest  | Open: 12/28/07 Close: 01/12/08
Phare Play Productions is proud to present Emmy-winner Joan Darling as Prospero in their all-female production of Shakespeare's The Tempest. Known as his fantastical swan song, The Tempest follows Prospero, a deposed magician that inhabits a distant island with his young daughter Miranda. With the help of the sprite Ariel (Kerry Shear), Prospero is able to bring those responsible for his misfortunes to his island for his final retribution. Shakespeare's grand tale of revenge, betrayal, and most importantly forgiveness, comes to life under the direction of Artistic Director Blake Bradford.
The Twilight of the Golds  | Open: 12/01/07 Close: 12/05/07
If your parents knew everything about you before you were born, would you be here?

All is well when Suzanne Gold and her close New York family discover that she is pregnant, until a prenatal genetics test reveals that the baby will most likely be homosexual. The news forces the entire Gold family to confront issues of bigotry, evolution and the limits of love.

Unwrap Your Candy  | Open: 10/26/06 Close: 10/31/06
Halloween: It's not for Kids Anymore.
Phare Play Productions presents Doug Wright's Unwrap your Candy, directed by Wayne Yeager. The play is full of Hitchcock and Rod Sterling style humor and horror. This collection of adult bedtime stories will make you want to bring your own bodyguards and cross bearers to walk you home.

Remember the danger in being a child, the terror of adulthood and the hazardous vulnerability of being an unsuspecting audience member while enjoying an evening of horror with PharePlay Productions.

Prior to Unwrap Your Candy is Phare Play's production of Snake in Fridge at 7pm!

Vampingo/Moonbite  | Open: 01/24/07 Close: 02/10/07
"Vampingo: a comedy with bite" is a tasty, twisted tale of one woman's perilous fun-house journey, cowritten and performed by Ariana Johns and cowritten and directed by Jolene Adams. Alwyn is a bright, ethereal woman with unconventional coping skills, which lead her to a series of "Suicidal Tendencies" meetings. There, she meets a colorful array of characters, each with their very own demon. Befriended by a vampire flamingo, she faces her own shadows before emerging into the light of self-awareness. By turns hilarious, poignant and illuminating, Vampingo provides an entertaining hour of quirky dark fun, with an occasional scream. It will be performed with "Moonbite" - a montage of lunar-inspired comic vignettes directed by Greg Mullavey.
Who Wears Short Shorts?  | Open: 11/03/07 Close: 11/03/07
Take 5 writers - give them 12 hours to write a 15 page script (with a couple of surprises thrown in for fun!). Thrn they hand off to five directors who will be joined by 20 actors who are then given a mere 6 hours to rehearse before putting the show onstage - one night, two shows only! Truly a night of fun as you get to see which cast can pull it off - with an audience vote for awards like Best looking cast and Best use of a prop!

And bonus: it's superhero themed!

The Brave Writers: Matt Klan, Zach Rothman-Hicks, Jennifer Spragg, Michael Weems and Kymm Zuckert

The Tenacious Directors: Kathryn Hnatio, Melissa Nocera, David Pleva, Chris Simon and Christine Vinh

The Glue Holding the Whole 21 Hours Together: Blake Bradford

Winter Shorts  | Open: 12/02/07 Close: 12/05/07
Phare Play Productions continues its second season with the "Winter Shorts – A Night of Erotica", an evening of five original one-act plays designed to get you all hot and bothered on a cold winter's night. Interspersed with some particularly spicy fairy tales by the lascivious Lady Coco Lareau, it will definitely leave you wanting company at the end of the evening...

"Dinner for Four"
Written and directed by Roland Uruci

Two married couples get more than they expect when they plan a sexual wife swap.

"And Toto, Too"
by Richard Martin Hirsch
Directed by Karen M. Dabney

Some creative role playing in the bedroom leads to a serious examination of one couple's relationship.

"12 Step Conga Line"
by Bob Hayden
Directed by Christopher Simon

A flasher and a tease meet up at a 12-step program for people with fetish addictions, finding they may just be soul mates.

"Buck ‘N Kandy"
by Joe Musso
Directed by Christine Vinh

Kandy puts her desires in Buck's face. Will he or won't he snatch it up?

"The Rules"
by Laura Black
Directed by David Pleva

A lonely housewife embarks on a phone sex game with a mysterious woman. When the relationship is threatened, the game escalates and both women learn that some rules shouldn't be broken.

Wwss4: Four Your Shorts Only  | Open: 11/08/08 Close: 11/08/08
Phare Play is at it again. Giving six writers a mere 12 hours to crank out a script. They don't get to pick their theme or even their actors. Heck, they're even forced to use a certain line. And then the directors and actors only get an afternoon to get fully blocked and offbook? Before they have to subject their work to audiences who not only are there to be amused but also to judge them in categories like "Hottest Cast" and "Best Use of Prop"?

Hell, yeah! And you know it's a ton of fun! One night only - two shows. You know you want to.

Wwss5 - Phare Play's 21 Hour Play Festival  | Open: 03/28/09 Close: 03/28/09
Phare Play is back with its biannual short play festival.  21 hours to put together seven one acts for your viewing pleasure.  Here's how those 21 hours break down:

Bill Bria, Emily Ehlinger, Duncan Pflaster, Zach Rothman-Hicks, Oliver Thrun, Michael Weems and Spencer Wolf

Friday, March 27th: They meet at the Beckmann theatre in midtown at 10PM to get their themes, script guidelines and the headshots/resumes for the actors they have to write a play for. They go stock up on coffee/Red Bull and write all night and come back at 10 AM on Saturday morning with six copies of their completed scripts ready to go. There they meet up with -

Kelly Barrett, Chris Bell, Nina Capone, Paul Falcetta, Randa Karambelas, Brooklyn Scalzo and Andy Travis

Who also show up at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 28th at the Beckmann theatre. They are then handed a script and given about 30 - 45 minutes to caucus with their writer. Then about 11:00AM, the writers go home to sleep and the directors meet up with their -

Donella Alanwick, Melisa Breiner-Sanders, Micah Chartrand, Catherine Corbett, Chris Cramer, Emily Evans, Erin Fehr, Alec Head, Graeme Humphrey, Ben Klier, Jeff Kroh, Andrew Lazaroff, Derrick Marshall, Elizabeth May, Michael McKeogh, Lauren Meley, Kate O'Phalen, Blaine Pennington, Annie Pesch, Cara Picone, Gillian Riley, Eddie Rodriguez, Alicia St. Louis, Dani Suder, Alexia Terrell, Adia Tucker, Steve Unwin, Jere Williams and Danny Wiseman

Who then go out into the city with their directors and casts to rehearse for a good five hours or so. Just enough time for the actors to be fully blocked and off book.

Then there are two shows - one at 7PM and one at 9:30PM that very evening. There is also an audience vote for fun awards like Hottest Cast and Best Use of Prop. Come be a part of the fun!


Wwss6  | Open: 10/17/09 Close: 10/17/09
Six writers have decided that they don't need to sleep and that they can IV line some caffeine to write a show in 12 hours : Joe Benincase, Gabriel Garcia, Duncan Pflaster, Oliver Thrun, Nora Vetter and Michael Weems.

Six directors are actually brave enough to lead a bunch of strangers and assemble a show on the fly: Kelly Barrett, Chris Bell, Gretchen Ferris, Graeme Humphrey, Ashley Marinaccio and Chris Simon.

Twenty-four actors are putting it on the line to see who can hold it together to be fully blocked and off book on a mere six hours of rehearsal : Stevie Aycock, Marian Brock, Melisa Breiner-Sanders, Mary Brown, Chris Cusano, Paul Falcetta, Tanya Fazal, Erin Fehr, Ben Klier, Jamie Lewis, Jeffery Martin, Samantha Mason, Kristen Kay Miller, Doua Moua, Natalie Neckyfarow, Faith O'Gorman, Jeffrey Parrillo, Cory Shoemake, Alexia Terrell, Aimee Todoroff, Thomas Wesson, Zak Wilson, Laura Yost and Jenny Zerke

You know you want to see this!  It's either going to be a train wreck or an unbelievable spectacle of fun!

There are two shows - one at 7PM and one at 9:30PM that very evening. There is also an audience vote for fun awards like Hottest Cast and Best Use of Prop.  Come root them on!