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Tape  | Open: 11/03/06 Close: 11/05/06
New York Metropolitan Collaborative is proud to open its second season, inaugural New York debut with Stephen Belber's "Tape". Cast: Stephen Seidel, Franco Bulaon, and Barika Taheer Edwards. The limited run production will run November 3rd- 5th, 2006 at Times Square Art Center, Payan Theatre, 43rd Street, Suite 506.

Vince, a drug dealing, volunteer firefighter, opens "Tape" with a secret, which he uses to manipulate his long-time best friend, Jon, at the height of his film career. Jon confesses to Vince that he date raped Vince's high school sweetheart, Amy. Jon is caught in a trap when he learns not only did Vince taped their entire conversation, has already arranged a dinner date with Amy for that night. Belber forces his characters to question their motives, perceptions and identity.

New York Metropolitan Collaborative refreshes this highly popular play with diverse casting and the use of live-action film. Action on stage is shown through the eyes of a hand-held camera acting as a fourth character mediator. The projected live filming shows the real life eccentricities and explosive relationships exposed in "Tape" on stage.

New York Metropolitan Collaborative is a collective of actors, directors, designers and playwrights striving to present new diverse works and adaptations. NYMC acts as an innovative outlet providing a platform for the emerging artist; and empowering artists to challenge and expand creative limits. NYMC is dedicated: in bridging art through intercultural and diverse casting to audiences of all cultural and social-economic backgrounds, to reach out to the culture are deprived, and to impact the next generation of artists by influencing the world through great art. NYMC is a theatre for the artist thus stimulating creativity in all audiences.