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Have You Seen This Man? ...The Mel Grovero Project  | Open: 10/24/06 Close: 10/29/06
A satire on the NYC Theatre industry, in parts both metaphorically and physically. For everyone who has ever: performed, auditioned, directed, casted, seen a bad play, or has just known someone in showbiz. The play follows Billy, an actor who is trying to make it in the Big Apple, through all the hurdles and questionable advice one encounters on such a journey. Along the way the audience meets agents, roommates, other actors and even a dirty old man, among many others. There's a song, a poem, a bright light, a jab or two at politicians, and a whole lotta craziness.
Teaspoon Festival 2007  | Open: 03/22/07 Close: 03/25/07
Step into a coffee house as soon as you enter the Theatre. The stage and house alike are set up to feel like an upscale coffee house. Accoustic music is played live by a featured artist to welcome the audience into their seats with the smell of coffee in the air. Get comfy for an evening of 9 short plays from playwrights all across the US. If you like the pre-show artist's music you'll be able to buy a cd at intermission. There is some drama, some comedy, and even a touch of the surreal as the Two Spoons Theatre Company presents an evening of Coffee, Tea and Theatre.

GET THERE EARLY and find out what it means to be a spoon from the musical stylings of Amy Fix (creator of the metaphor behind our company). Thursday and Saturday Night shows Only.