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Beckett Below  | Open: 11/09/06 Close: 11/18/06
ghostcrab presents "Beckett Below", four short plays by Samuel Beckett. Audiences will descend into a netherworld to commune with the beauty, humor, and power of Beckett. The four short plays in "Beckett Below" are portraits of souls fighting against space and time to find enlightenment, salvation, and peace.

Act Without Words II, directed by Ariane Anthony

Footfalls, directed by Eve Hartmann

Play, directed by Peter A. Campbell

That Time, directed by Tim Lee

In PLAY, lovers are imprisoned in urns and forced into confession by a beam of light. Two men are prodded into a brief consciousness by a stick in ACT WITHOUT WORDS II. THAT TIME relates a man's desperate quest for truth before he must accept oblivion. Finally, in FOOTFALLS, a woman, stuck in the ceaseless cycles of her mind, paces against encroaching doom.

ghostcrab's production of "Waiting for Godot" was hailed by The New Haven Advocate as "a terrific, ideally exasperated and expressively animated rendition." Now, with "Beckett Below", ghostcrab brings four exciting interpretations by four young directors of Samuel Beckett's short plays to the East Village. As the close of his centennial approaches, "Beckett Below" celebrates the spirit of Samuel Beckett through his indelible work.