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FRITZ & FROYIM - A New Musical  | Open: 05/30/07 Close: 06/16/07
How does Fritz, a former German SS officer haunted by the ghost of Froyim, a Jewish comedian, end up on a cabaret stage? And what exactly is Froyim trying to prove? The answers will surprise you, along with electric shock treatments and a suspicious exorcist with a magic act. Not to mention brilliant acting and terrific music! FRITZ & FROYIM, a new musical with book and lyrics by Norman Beim and music by Mark Barkan and Rolf Barnes features a stellar cast, thought-provoking themes and terrific music. Directed by John W. Cooper; music direction by Tracy Stark; choreography by Cheryl Cutlip.

Joan Barber*
Erin Cronican*
Matthew Hardy*
Dennis Holland*
T.J. Mannix*
Tracy Stark
Richard B. Watson*

*Members of Actors' Equity Association
Equity Approved Showcase

General Manager - Jeremy Handelman
Dramaturg - Scott McCrea
Stage Manager - Sarah-Dakota Farney
Set Design - Ryan Scott
Lighting Design - Eric Larson
Costume Design - A. Christina Giannini
Technical Director - Jason Shrier

Scapin  | Open: 12/05/07 Close: 12/22/07
"Take your kids to this uproarious Scapin" (Jon Sobel - BlogCritics).
"A funny and fun evening of theater for anyone looking for a classic laugh...Scapin is hilarious." (Amy Freeman - offoffonline).
"...an exciting and energetic show." (Byrne Harrison - StageBuzz).
"...brims over with comic invention, joy, wit and lightness." (Jonathan Reuning - United Stages)

Audiences and critics are enjoying Turtle Shell Productions' world premiere of an innovative and very entertaining new translation of Molière's Scapin, with rich language and plenty of laughs. The theater is transformed into a colorful, fantastical cartoon-like version of a festive Italian street festival, complemented by rich and flamboyant costumes. Director Shawn Rosza's innovative adaptation pays homage to Commedia but sets the action in the 1970's in "Itty Bitty Italy," a tiny village whose yearly festival provides the backdrop for a veritable carnival of uproarious characters and their antics, none more outrageous than the rascally Scapin.

Stranger Than Fiction; 3 plays Based on Fact  | Open: 10/12/06 Close: 10/27/06
TURTLE SHELL PRODUCTIONS pleased to announce the selection of the festival plays by award-winning playwright NORMAN BEIM.

The trilogy of one acts, STRANGER THEN FICTION; 3 Plays Based on Fact includes A LOVE STORY, which tells the story of a poignant long-distance relationship between a young girl in Poland and a middle-aged storekeeper in Prague which began during World War I. In A QUEEN'S REVENGE, an older gay man is deserted by his younger lover and seeks retribution. The third play, THE DESERTER, is based on the story of Private Eddie Slovik, the only American soldier shot for desertion during World War II.

The Aspern Papers  | Open: 05/02/08 Close: 05/24/08
Turtle Shell Productions presents the world premiere of a new adaptation by Martin Zuckerman of Henry James's novella, THE ASPERN PAPERS. One of James's personal favorites, it features rich characters in a well-crafted story about an American scholar in 1880's Venice who goes to great lengths in order to secure the private letters of a famous poet. See this classic laced with romance and deceit on the New York stage, 100 years since the publishing of the "New York edition" of THE ASPERN PAPERS and 120 years since it first appeared in The Atlantic Monthly.

Starring Kelly King*, Carol Lambert* and Elisabeth Grace Rothan*
*Members of Actors' Equity Association