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Hell House  | Open: 10/01/06 Close: 10/29/06
A nearly exact re-creation of the thousands of hell houses staged by Christian Evangelicals in communities across America during the Halloween season. First staged by Jerry Falwell in the 1970's, hell houses take a traditional haunted house's ghosts and ghouls and substitute teenage cheerleaders getting abortions, gay men dying of AIDS, and children reading Harry Potter and then being damned to hell. A multi-room theatrical experience that is part installation art, part play, and part haunted house, Les Freres Corbusier's Hell House transforms St. Ann's 14,000-square-feet of raw space and seating risers into a dozen ‘rooms' of performance featuring a company of nearly 100 actors, designers, and technicians. The production ends in a giant Evangelical rock hoedown, replete with white powdered donuts and a lively game of "Pin the Sin on Jesus." The Les Freres production marks the first time that a hell house will be seen in the New York area.

Hell House performs Tuesday through Sunday, with ten tours every night. Tours begin every 15 minutes from 7:30pm to 9:45pm. There are special Monday performances on October 2 and October 9 and no performances on Tuesday, October 3 and Wednesday, October 11.