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Joe Piscopo's Son  | Open: 08/24/06 Close: 08/26/06
"Joe Piscopo's Son" is set in a psychiatrist's office with Joey Piscopo in the hot seat. Over the course of this comedy packed, hour-long session, Joey performs a multitude of original characters and impressions, sings and talks about life, love and living as Joe Piscopo's son.
Northander Abbey, A Romantic Gothis Comedy  | Open: 10/20/06 Close: 11/19/06
This adaptation of Jane Austen's novel follows the adventures of Catherine Morland, a passionate - though impressionable small town girl, who is perhaps too devoted to gothic thrillers. Young Catherine thirsts for adventure and soon finds it in the fashionable resort of Bath, England. Hosted by Mr. & Mrs. Allen, her wealthy neighbors from home, she experiences her first social whirl amidst the Thorpe and Tilney families while obsessively reading her favorite new novel, Radcliffe's The Mysteries Of Udolpho. Scenes from the novel, experienced in Catherine's vivid imagination, are inter-woven with the comparatively civil but no less eventful, adventures of Catherine's real life. The result is a swashbuckling Wizard of Oz-like journey through Catherine's two worlds, culminating in her unexpected visitation to the Tilney's mysterious estate, Northanger Abbey.