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Sam Shepard Festival  | Open: 08/01/06 Close: 08/31/06
Set #1
In FORENSIC AND THE NAVIGATORS, set in the post- apocalyptic future, two rebellious men attempt to liberate an asylum run by a vicious opposing faction. As the story plays out, we discover the two sides may not be so different in their thinking. First performed in 1967, many parallels in this piece can be drawn to present-day conflicts, with both funny and disturbing results.

STATES OF SHOCK, this play is a brilliant exploration through the landscape of the tortured minds of two army veterans, played against the cold indifference of those who are not touched by war. It first appeared at the American Place Theatre on April 30th, 1991, an apparent response to the 1st Gulf war, but the power of his drama forces the audience to conclude that any war is hell.

STATES OF SHOCK Directed by Joe Benenati
Mondays & Tuesdays, August 1st through August 29th @ 8pm

Set #2
SAVAGE/ LOVE by Sam Shepard and Joseph Chaikin is a series of nineteen monologues about the universal hope and fear inevitably involved in forging a relationship. An internal monologue, it travels through the spectrum of one person's journey towards a mutual understanding with a lover.

In 4-H CLUB, three ragged and aimless young men exist in a landscape of apocalypse and destruction. They succumb to occasional fits of violence and paranoia as they search for daily sustenance.

In ROCK GARDEN, a family holding on to the past, a boy must break his ties to become a man. One of Sam Shepard's earliest plays, this family farce explores the depths of alienation in the American home.

Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays, August 2nd through August 31st @ 8pm

Set #3
SEDUCED, depicts an almost surreal Howard Hughes- like figure in the character of Henry Hackamore, the drama's tragic-comic lead. This comic and brilliantly revealing allegory is both entertaining and often thought provoking.
directed by Joe Zarro

August 5th through August 27th Saturdays @ 8pm and Sundays @ 2pm & 8pm