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3 to a Session - One-Acts on Theater Row  | Open: 02/01/06 Close: 02/05/06
Three One-Acts:

In "Play", written and directed by Paul Siemens, a brother and a sister lie awake at bedtime. The sister asks, ‘What do you want to do now?' The brother's answer: ‘Play.' Thus begins a game in which the only rules are the limits of the players' imaginations. Play depicts the originality of playtime, the creation of narrative, and the possibilities inherent in any game waiting to be played.

The sound play "See the World," written and directed by Jeremy McCarter, follows a young couple and their daughter as they travel to an exotic foreign land, where their search for the real world leads them into fantastical adventures.

"3 To a Session: A Monster's Tale," written by Desi Moreno-Penson and directed by Jose Zayas. Moreno-Penson unveils a riveting and provocative tale that takes place in a surrealistic realm between life and death. The introspective and child-like Vincent, the smart and steely-eyed Ally, and the sexy, yet uptight plant-lover Paula, engage in sexual play-acting scenarios, which lead them into memories of loss, love, longing, and domestic violence.

As You Like It  | Open: 07/05/07 Close: 07/29/07
Bring a blanket and picnic basket and enjoy Hudson Warehouse's AS YOU LIKE IT for free in Riverside Park.

In Shakespeare's classic tale, exiles fill the Forest of Arden where Duke Senior holds court outside of court. Orlando escapes from his brother's tyranny and Rosalind, to escape her uncle, disguises herself as a man and lives as a shepherd with her cousin Celia in tow. As courtiers try to negotiate their pastoral life with the life of their selves, with crossed-lovers, cross-dressing and, of course love, hilarity ensues. This production, set in France following the Crusades, takes what is generally thought of as a "light and airy" pastoral comedy and suggests a deeper examination of the world that the characters live in and from which they seek to escape. With the backdrop of lush Riverside Park, the production transports the audience to another world.

Love's Labour's Lost  | Open: 07/06/06 Close: 07/30/06
Free Shakespeare in Riverside Park returns for a third year with the Hudson Warehouse's production of Love's Labour's Lost. At the University of Navarre King Ferdinand and fellow scholars Longaville, Dumain and Berowne take an oath to abstain from the worlds pleasures in order to vigorously pursue the academic life. As soon as the ink dries on the paper however an envoy comprising the Princess of France and her three lovely attendants arrives for "negotiations". Will the King and the boys be able to resist temptation? Will Don Armado, visiting professor from Spain, be able to woo his lady? Will Costard the clown ever graduate from the 7 year plan? Take some time out of your summer evening, and join us for a brief interlude to find out. Performances will be held Thursday through Sunday nights at 6:30 PM at the North Patio of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Riverside Park at West 89th street and Riverside Drive from July 6th through July 30th. The 1, 2, or 3 train will get you there. Bring a pillow, bring a chair, claim your spot, sit back and enjoy. For questions or more information call (212)560-6579.
Macbeth  | Open: 08/02/07 Close: 08/26/07
The Hudson Warehouse presents Richard Harden's innovative and thrilling adaptation of one of the most popular of Shakespeare's plays. Staring Danielle Quisenberry and Tom Demenkoff in the title role.
Much Ado About Nothing  | Open: 07/10/08 Close: 08/03/08
Known as "The Other Free Shakespeare in the Park", the Hudson Warehouse has continued to grow and enchant audiences of the Upper West Side for the past four years. raves, "A different play from Shakespeare, a different park; free tickets, and no lining up with thousands of others all day."

For the first production of its fifth season, Hudson Warehouse presents Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Nicholas Martin-Smith.

Shakespeare's The Tempest  | Open: 06/04/09 Close: 06/26/09
Disclaimer: Audience members in the on-stage seating areas may get wet. Good thing the weather is so nice! Live musicians-- monsters and spirits-- the sun going down on the Hudson River: that's a recipe for great theatre.

Hudson Warehouse's 6th season in Riverside Park is blown in by The Tempest, the last great romance by that late great romantic, William Shakespeare. Come rediscover your favorite Shakespeare play.


Brian Armstrong, Carissa Cordes, Erin Singleton Butterfield, Nick DeVita, Joseph Hamel, Arthur Pellman*, Lenny Ciotti, Chris Behan, Patrick Pizzolorusso, Christopher Rodriguez, George Wells, Bennett W. Harrell, Joe Crow Ryan, Sydney Stanton, Josh Bishop, Mavis Martin, Megan Cooper, Kym Smith

Directed by Jerrod Bogard

*courtesy AEA

The Bacchae  | Open: 08/03/06 Close: 08/27/06
This tale of rejection and bloody revenge begins when Dionysus, the son of the god Zeus and the mortal Semele returns from exile with his army of liberated women from Asia to mete out his revenge on his cousin Pentheus, the young king of Thebes who has denied his divinity. The result is a bloody struggle for power and respect that is played out vibrantly and entertainingly, proving this tragedy of the Greek stage still relevant to a contemporary audience.
Twelfth Night - Or What You Will  | Open: 07/08/05 Close: 07/31/05
This production, set between the two world wars in the mythical land of Illyria, follows Feste (the flyer), Viola (the flapper), Malvolio (the malcontent), Orsino, Olivia (O, whose woes never cease to flow) Sebastian and a swashbuckler, and, of course, Sir Toby Belch and friends as they face love, death and growing up with music, gender-bending mistaken identity, and comedy. With an hour and forty minute run time, this is the perfect way for folks of all ages to spend a brief interlude on a July day.