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Faces... Voices  | Open: 08/17/06 Close: 08/26/06
Faces... Voices, Is a dramatic work created to address hate crimes against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender communities.

Faces...Voices is a triptych of three one-act plays written as an ensemble to convey the depth of victims' suffering and courageous spirit beyond abstract media reports. While the narrative and characters are entirely fictional, the ensemble, Faces... Voices, alludes to actual cases of hate crimes, known to scar victims as a direct attack on their personal identity.

The stories portrayed in Faces... Voices, were derived from a shooting death of a gay man by a young religious fanatic, a rash of rapes against lesbians in Brooklyn, New York, and Amnesty International reports of human rights abuses against the transgender population in Latin America.

Where such acts of violence are considered "message crimes," these productions of Faces... Voices are intended to delve into the often socially-sanctioned nature and attitudes surrounding such bias-related crime.