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Breakfast For Dinner  | Open: 08/13/06 Close: 08/24/06
This film noir-inspired dark comedy explores the distortion of words and the perversion of information. A murder investigation reveals corruption buried deep within. Suspense, Extortion, Invasion of Privacy, and Murder lead to the discovery of the vicious truth. By day's end, Breakfast For Dinner satisfies the dangerous appetite for routine order and tidy closure.

Shadows of Evil versus Online Predators, this drama is reminiscent of classic noir with a modern twist. If you enjoy CSI, Law & Order, or just a hard-boiled detective story, save some room for BREAKFAST FOR DINNER during FringeNYC 2006.

This play was originally produced as part of Oracle Theatre, Inc.'s Playwright's Forum and then showcased in June 2006 at the Prince William Sound Community College LAST FRONTIER THEATRE CONFERENCE in Valdez, Alaska.

The Garden Party & Mistake  | Open: 10/26/06 Close: 11/19/06
THE GARDEN PARTY written by Vaclav Havel
This absurdist drama portrays a young chess fanatic propelled into the business world by his conservative
father and neurotic mother, only to be immersed into a live challenge of corporate checkmate. Published in 1963, this was Havel's first full-length play. It is characteristic of the humanist literary movement that was on the rise in Prague.

The Festival honors the man, Vaclav Havel, on his 70th birthday. He has led a full life: as a playwright, the
former Czech Republic President, a literary leader, and a social/political activist. His name and writings,
banned by Communists in the 1970s, have become significant studies of the Czech oppression.

MISTAKE written by Vaclav Havel
Presented as the Pre-Show for The Garden Party during the Havel Festival
This opening short puppet play features prison mates in a "Punch & Judy" like conflict. Four prisoners
muddle their way through the daily ritual for a newcomer in the cellblock.