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Cinderella  | Open: 06/28/08 Close: 07/27/08
Youth on Target Theater Company is proud to present a new take on Cinderella, playing in Brooklyn in June and July 2008. Veering from the familiar Disney telling, this production offers children a relatable tale rooted in the Italian tradition of the classic story.

There are no dancing mice or transforming pumpkins in this Cinderella. Rather than scrubbing floors and feeding chickens, our would-be heroine spends her days mourning the death of her father, while avoiding her mother and her ridiculous sisters. She hides in her room, reading and imagining what her life could have been. But with the help of a Fairy Godmother, determined to return Cinderella to happiness, she may attend the ball after all.

JungalBook  | Open: 08/03/06 Close: 08/05/06
Adapted from Rudyard Kipling's landmark novel, the Jungle Book, this innovative retelling maintains the family-friendly quality of the original, while making the story accessible to a contemporary and urban audience. The Indian jungle of the classic tale is replaced with an urban schoolyard and the animals take on human roles and characteristics. Mowgli, the "mancub", moves through the play being raised by wolves, protected by Bagheera, the lonely panther, and schooled in the "Jungal Law." Through his ongoing conflict with Sherakhan, the wicked tiger, and his inevitable shift into adulthood, he is forced to mature and come to question his place in the world.