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Dead Certain  | Open: 07/12/06 Close: 07/23/06
Dead Certain- An out- of-work actor is hired by a reclusive, theatre-obsessed ex-dancer to privately act out a play she has written. The suspense builds layer upon layer as this taut psychological thriller gathers speed at an alarming rate towards a gripping climax.

Marcus Lloyd's script Dead Certain has been called "a delicious four-dimensional pretzel." When asked in an interview about writing Dead Certain, Marcus Lloyd replies with a question. "How much control do we have over our lives?" he ponders. "Are we following some script out there, or do we have some control?

Not surprising that Lloyd questions our ability to control our known universe. In addition to writing for both the large and small screens as well as the stage Marcus Lloyd studied physics at Oxford University. Question about the reality of our perceived surroundings are second nature to him. This is clearly illustrated in Dead Certain where truth and illusion become almost inseparably entangled in a real life game of cat a mouse.

Dead Certain features Diana Brown playing Elizabeth and Andrey Esterlis as Michael. Brown is also a co-host on the podcast program The RU Sirius Show on Esterlis directs.