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Macbeth  | Open: 04/03/09 Close: 04/19/09
The Hipgnosis Theatre Company’s production of Macbeth takes its inspiration from the original presentation of the play. While most modern productions stage Macbeth in darkness, Shakespeare’s King’s Men originally acted out this nightmarish play in broad day-light, thus having to evoke the darkness of the setting (and of the plot) with their language and action, rather than with technical effects. Hipgnosis will set its production on a fully-lit stage, relying on its ensemble to execute the challenging feat of creating imaginary darkness. The stark tone of Hipgnosis’ production will be further heightened by white vinyl-flooring, fluorescent light strips, a white witches’ nest at ceiling level and white tyvek costumes, to propose that, in our urban society, ubiquitous light can be as much a source of terror and nightmare as darkness was in Jacobean England. Light will be a sinister participant in this performance, a living presence, serving the environment of the play itself by creating a harsh, unforgiving and clinical atmosphere.

Measure for Measure  | Open: 06/15/06 Close: 07/02/06
A contemporary setting focuses this production around all-too-present concerns: why does freedom frighten us? Why do we long for security, and leadership, in a world that can never promise either? Measure for Measure is as fresh, insightful, funny and troubling today as it was four hundred years ago.

Measure for Measure features Erika Bailey*, Demetrios Bonaros, Nick Brooks*,
Kate Dulcich, John Kevin Jones*, Francis Kelly*, David Laufgraben, David
Look, Elizabeth Mirarchi, Julian A. Rozzell, Jr.*, Adelia Saunders, Wayne
Alon Scott*, Sarah Sokolovic*, Justin Steeve, and Rachel Tiemann (* denotes
member of AEA).

The Taming of the Shrew  | Open: 06/14/07 Close: 06/30/07
"The performers are confident and facile in their Elizabethan tongue, and
well-versed in the bawdy brutality of the Bard."
The Villager

"Performed with style, intelligence and most importantly, emotional honesty."

THE TAMING OF THE SHREW is a play within a play, a piece of theatrical entertainment staged for Christopher Sly, a poor drunkard who is tricked into thinking himself a lord,a man with all the comforts that money and wealth and privilege can offer: a sumptuous home, fine food and drink, obedient servants, a submissive wife who dotes on him, and his own poor band of actors who perform plays for his enjoyment.

As a ramshackle, vaudeville THE TAMING OF THE SHREW unfolds, complete with actor-produced music, sound effects, presentational backdrops and unforgiving footlights, Sly doses off. The cast of THE TAMING OF THE SHREW begins to slowly take over the "home" of their sleeping patron, and the love story between Kate and Petruchio, the hidden play inside the slapstick, comes into full focus. Hipgnosis Theatre Company's production of THE TAMING OF THE SHREW is a meditation on love, the theatrics it demands from us and creates in us, and the nature of what it means to be truly rich.

The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare  | Open: 11/02/06 Close: 11/19/06
From the company that recently enlivened William Shakespeare's Measure for Measure ("providing comic relief in the face of dark truth" – The Villager) comes an intoxicating production of the Bard's The Winter's Tale. Leontes, King of Sicilia, convinces himself that his pregnant wife Hermione is carrying on an affair with his visiting childhood friend Polixenes, now the King of Bohemia. Leontes' jealousy leads to Hermione's imprisonment, Polixenes' return to Bohemia, and ultimately a test of faith for the residents of both countries. Will Leontes life and love ever be restored? What happens to Hermione and the child she has while in prison?

Be transported to the magical worlds of Sicilia and Bohemia by live original music, composed specifically for this production by Luke Mitchell, and a shifting landscape. As the play moves from Sicilia to Bohemia, the stage undergoes a major transformation, and the audience receives a different perspective on these enchanted lands and the people who reside in them.