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The Orgy Of The Dead  | Open: 06/25/06 Close: 07/11/06
A burlesque-comedy-horror-musical-variety-show! Inspired by the notorious Ed Wood cult movie of the same title, this anarchic, slambang, sexy, silly riot of epic proportions is crafted by the maverick madman, Frank Cwiklik, who earned critics' praise and audiences' loyalty with his late, lamented DMTheatrics.

On a dark and stormy night, the Emperor and Empress of the Dead raise sexy lady zombies from the grave to dance for their amusement. Only a handsome young writer and his beautiful girlfriend are on hand to pay mortal witness to... THE ORGY OF THE DEAD!

The Sinister Urge  | Open: 12/03/06 Close: 12/19/06
Gape in wonder as bumbling Lt. Matt Carson, and his partner, the affable but largely useless Sgt. Randy Stone, patrol the streets of the Big City! Shriek in terror as defenseless citizens are stalked and slaughtered by the deadly Dirk Williams, psycho killer par excellence! Boo and hiss at the sinister machinations of the dastardly Gloria Henderson, smut picture racket queen, and her slick and snazzy con man, handsome Johnny Ride! Ooo and aah at the splendiferous wonder of the luscious lasses and buxom babes who populate the pinup and girlie industry! And, finally, reel in horror at the fate of charming young Mary Smith, who comes to the Big City seeking fame and fortune, only to find sleaze, tragedy, and trauma! It's all here on our stage, big as life, in full color! The Sinister Urge! Ripped from today's headlines, a cautionary tale for young and old!