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Count Down  | Open: 11/02/06 Close: 11/19/06
Forty days, 7 angry girls, 1 reluctant teaching artist. Set in an all-girls residential facility, COUNT DOWN follows a teaching artist as she attempts to break down the barriers of a group of neglected young women through a creative process.

With a focus on the problems encountered by young girls in this country, and in particular young female victims of abuse and neglect, COUNT DOWN illuminates the serious social ill of domestic violence and demonstrates the role of the arts and artists in helping girls recover from the horrors of abuse. COUNT DOWN is a fictionalized account, inspired by the playwright's experiences over the last 15 years working as a teaching artist with many groups of at-risk youth, including abused and neglected teenage girls.

Running Time: 1 Hour, 45 Minutes

MentalPause - is it HOT in here or is it ME?  | Open: 07/22/06 Close: 08/06/06
Double Play Connections presents Margaret Liston in MENTALPAUSE - a wildly hormonal mood-swinging dance drama.

Is it HOT in HERE or is it ME? Come on a touching and entertaining voyage through one of life's less gentle passages - that wonderful time called Menopause. This one-woman show of dance, theatre and song will make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time, as it strips off the layers of denial and pokes fun at the trials and tribulations of losing control of body and mind. Directed by Merri Milwe

"filled with courage, anguish and humor...enlightening and inspiring at its best"-

OPA! - The Musical  | Open: 07/16/08 Close: 08/06/08
Book by Mari Carras & Laurel Ollstein
Lyrics by Mari Carras & Nick Kitsopoulos
Music by Nicholas Carras & Nick Kitsopoulos
Choreography by Wendy Waring
Greek dance consultant: Athan Karras
Directed by Spiro Veloudos
Musical Direction by Micah Young

OPA! a new musical about life and love on a forgotten Grecian isle.
The tiny Greek island of Elia has been left off the national map since....forever. Come meet the quirky villagers who desperately seek recognition from the outside world and each other. OPA! Let the singing and dancing begin.

OPA! a new musical about life and love on a forgotten Grecian isle.
The tiny Greek island of Elia has been left off the national map since...forever. Today, Costa the newly elected mayor, tries to reinvigorate the dispassionate villagers by announcing his recent discovery of the island on a globe. When a cruise ship is spotted from a distance heading straight for the island, the villagers band together in a desperate attempt to gain recognition from the outside world, and from each other. The mayhem that ensues ends up helping the villagers ‘see' their hidden selves along the way - the main message being to never hide your true self and to always to live a life of "OPA!" Let the singing and dancing begin.

Take Me America  | Open: 07/16/07 Close: 08/04/07
Follow nine refugees in their quest for asylum in the US and the three INS agents who decide their fate. Do they stay or do they go? How would you decide? Get it wrong and you might as well sentence them to death...or worse. Inspired by true stories from the asylum process; stories of life and death. They are real, sometimes humorous, but always compelling.