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Silence is Health / Silencio es Salud  | Open: 05/16/06 Close: 06/11/06
Staged inside a former bank, Silence Is Health / Silencio es Salud is a site-specific documentary play seeking to shed light onto mass psychology, fear, individualism and oblivion in which the space becomes a spine-chilling, omnipresent character. In the midst of our fast-paced, individualistic society, the play zooms in on an ambitious TV reporter, her arrogant husband and her ingenuous cameraman. A whirlwind of dreadful events catches up with their seemingly ideal lives, dissolving their apparent freedom right in front of the audience's eyes. How guilty are we of what happens around us? How much can we trust others? How much can WE be trusted? What is the price of our "safety?" Featuring live singing, dance, video, and what audiences have called "cinematic imagery," the play is an artistic approach to the pressing debate on human rights. Silence Is Health questions the value of accountability and the effects of fear and passivity in these turbulent times. Based on true events.