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Celebrate Good Times (Macbeth) - A Shakespeare Mash-Up  | Open: 06/01/06 Close: 06/11/06
Celebrate Good Times (Macbeth) expands on the single scene of Macbeth's grotesque banquet celebrating successful assassination (III.4). The superficial pageantry of the banquet will be elaborated in full detail, while earlier scenes flash before Macbeth as if in a hallucination. The performance will include opera (selections from Verdi's Macbeth as well as a performance from City Opera mezzo-soprano, Cherry Duke), pop ballads, a rock band, electronica, avant-garde oboe (famed oboist Matthew Sullivan as King Duncan), and even a Bollywood dance number (led by Rajika Puri, an internationally acclaimed performer of classical Indian dance and storytelling as the witch) as well an eclectic mix of 17 other actors, dancers, musicians, classical singers.