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Flip Side  | Open: 09/26/08 Close: 10/19/08
A comedy of longing, misperceptions, and mismatches, two sets of characters occupy two different worlds. The inhabitants of Drizzle Plaza - a bleak and empty place, like a city where everyone has gone on vacation - are drowning in the seductive power of infatuation, yearning, and regret. Meanwhile, on the flip side, is the Waterfall family in a world of constant motion and relentless cheerfulness with a dose of claustrophobia. And then the worlds being to mingle.

Flip Side is the product of an unconventional collaboration, inverting the traditional creative process by designing a set first and then writing the play inspired by the visual/physical environment.

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New Islands Archipelago  | Open: 05/20/10 Close: 06/06/10
NEW ISLANDS ARCHIPELAGO is at once a real-estate scheme, a tropical dream of new beginnings, and the accidental destination of the passengers and crew of the cruise ship, S.S. Azure. The action takes place on the ship’s deck, within the various rooms of the ship, in the sea, and within the characters dreams, (which are rendered on video.) Each person who has embarked on the cruise longs for a change and, as the voyage progresses, the passengers begin to enter one another’s dreams. Thrown together with strangers in increasingly unfamiliar surroundings, they find their lives propelled forward and unfolding in ways they hadn’t imagined.

NEW ISLANDS ARCHIPELAGO stars downtown performance luminaries Todd D’Amour, James Himmelsbach, Kristine Lee, Bianca Leigh, Ellen Maddow, Steven Rattazzi, and Tina Shepard. The production team includes Paul Zimet (writer/director), Ellen Maddow (music), Nic Ularu (sets), Nan Zhang (lighting), Olivera Gajic (costumes), Hilary Easton (choreographer), Simon Tarr (video), Harry Mann (saxophone & keyboards, Beth Meyers (viola) and Julia Funk (stage manager).

Obskene  | Open: 11/01/12 Close: 11/17/12

Talking Band, the award-winning experimental theater company, is proud to present OBSKENE, a new play conceived and directed by OBIE Award-winner Tina Shepard, written in concert with eight playwrights, including fellow Talking Band founders Ellen Maddow and Paul Zimet, as well as acclaimed playwrightsMarcus Gardley (2011 PEN/Laura Pels Award recipient), David Greenspan (Guggenheim Playwriting Award recipient), Sidney GoldfarbJohn Jesurun(MacArthur "Genius" Award recipient), Deb Margolin (OBIE Award and Kesselring Prize recipient), and Lizzie Olesker.  OBSKENE will be performed at HERE(145 6th Avenue – Enter on Dominick, One Block South of Spring) from November 1st – November 17th. The press opening is Saturday, November 3rd at 8:30 p.m.

“Obskene” is the Greek term for “off-stage” and is the basis for the word “obscene”: it refers to the horrendous and unseen acts of violence that happen off-stage but are never depicted in Greek tragic plays.

OBSKENE utilizes both messenger speeches of classical Greek Tragedy (newly adapted by Sidney Goldfarb and Lizzie Olesker)  and reports from the near future in a variety of styles creating a multi-layered narrative.  The Talking Band has commissioned a diverse group of award-winning  playwrights to write contemporary “messenger” speeches.   The Greek messenger speeches contain some of the most disturbing images in the entirety of theater history,  but they also vividly capture the humor, passion and humanity of their subjects.  Similarly the contemporary reports imagine the harrowing, comic, and heartbreaking aspects of our lives in the years to come. 

The Necklace  | Open: 05/06/06 Close: 05/28/06
THE NECKLACE is a drama set in a grand, decaying house on the edge of a moor. It is a house of endless rooms and hidden passageways: of basements, attics, and secret stairways. A house that is antiquated but equipped with up-to the minute technology – wireless modems on moss covered desks. In this house of multiple realities - often hidden from one another - live a group of people whose identities and relationships unfold in surprising ways in each new episode. The house is a hub, a crossroads, and a battleground in a struggle for survival between generations; between old ways of doing business and the new global economics.

Each episode will be a self-contained theater piece that can be appreciated by itself but each will also end in a "cliff-hanger". The four writers are working in the tradition of Dickens' serial novels, or television serials, but wish to combine the seductiveness of the form with the vividness, immediacy, and theatricality of live theater.

Episode 1. House Out of Sync
Episode 2. Shadow Passports
Episode 3. Inside Outsource
Episode 4. Amber Bead

Episode 5. Crawl Space
Episode 6. Insomnia on the Moor
Episode 7. Sticky Fingers
Episode 8. Bone Room

Episodes 1&2 can be seen on 5/6 at 8PM, 5/9 at 8PM, 5/11 at 8PM, 5/13 at 5:30PM, 5/14 at 5:30, 5/17 at 8PM, 5/21 at 5:30PM and 5/27 at 5:30PM.

Episodes 3&4 can be seen on 5/7 at 5:30PM, 5/10 at 8PM, 5/12 at 8PM, 5/13 at 8:30PM, 5/16 at 8PM, 5/21 at 8:30PM, 5/27 at 8:30PM.

Episodes 5&6 can be seen on 5/18 at 8PM, 5/20 at 5:30PM, 5/23 at 8PM, 5/25 at 8PM, 5/26 at 7PM, 5/28 at 5:30PM

Episodes 7&8 can be seen on 5/19 at 8PM, 5/20 at 8:30PM, 5/24 at 8PM, 5/26 at 10PM, 5/28 at 8:30PM.