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Trout Stanley  | Open: 05/19/06 Close: 06/11/06
TROUT STANLEY" is the story of THE DUCHARME TWINS and what happened to them on their thirtieth birthday which as it happens is also the tenth anniversary of their parents' unseemly and untimely double-deaths.

As has happened on every one of their last nine auspicious and calamity-filled birthdays; there's been a murder. This time it is an independently brazen exotic dancer (and local Scrabble Champion) who was last seen leaving Rodeo Bob's Steakhouse Emporium And Nude Dancers at 3:30 am at which time she insisted on walking home, despite the torrential rain. Although local authorities have reiterated the fact that ladies of the night are prone to vanishing; foul play is suspected.

Into THE DUCHARME TWINS' universe comes a man called TROUT STANLEYand their lives will never be the same again.