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Nerve  | Open: 06/08/06 Close: 07/01/06
NERVE is a dark romantic comedy about falling into a relationship on the first date. Elliot has never had an online date before... at least one that showed up. Susan has had plenty but would prefer not to discuss them. When they meet in a bar one night, all their neuroses come out. So do a puppet, some modern dance and surprising twist or two.
Paper Cranes  | Open: 04/15/11 Close: 05/08/11
Award-winning Packawallop Productions presents Paper Cranes, a new play starring Susan Louise O'Connor, Melissa Hammans, Sarah Lord, Eric T. Miller and Cynthia Silver.

Paper Cranes follows five people in a modern American town who are connected through a chain of surprising relationships, each desperate to break free from a haunted past in order to find a better future.

Maddie is a rebellious and precocious young woman, balancing the social implications of her burgeoning sexuality with the responsibility of supporting her bereft mother, a woman who finds solace in the folding of origami paper cranes. Maddie escapes the confines of her stifling home-life by entering into a tumultuous relationship with Julie, an older woman. Julie's best friend and one-time lover Amy, in a renewed search for true love, enters into a dangerous S&M relationship with a mysterious man protecting a dark secret.

Like the precise folds of a paper crane, the characters wrap around each other, culminating into a play about lives that are at once fragile, surprisingly resilient and, after much work, breathtakingly beautiful.

The production team includes Jared Rutherford (scenic design), Jennifer Paar (costume design), Scott Bolman (lighting design), and Ryan Maeker (sound design).

The Silent Concerto  | Open: 01/26/07 Close: 02/01/07
THE SILENT CONCERTO explores the tangled relationship between three lifelong friends. One is a tragic ingenue trapped inside the body of a chain-smoking character actress, one is a self-tortured artist and the third is a bon-vivant who's had one too many martinis. Caught inside a play that cannot progress past the first scene, the threesome makes repeated attempts to reach the longed for curtain call. Can they ever escape the drama they've made for themselves?