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Adventures of the Caveman Robot  | Open: 04/13/06 Close: 05/13/06
Set in the fictional city of Monumenta, ADVENTURES OF CAVEMAN ROBOT creates a fully realized alternate reality on stage. After a punishing battle with the wildly unpredictable Ape Lincoln (a hulking ex-President from a strange simian dimension), Cavey and his minders Professor Tuttlwell and his niece Megan find themselves the focus of a master plot bringing together the cream of Monumenta's villainous talent pool, featuring such characters as Burn-Out (a former hippie turned flame-throwing rebel), Colonel 3headedspacepony (a Nazi SS officer whose brain has been transferred to the body of a penguin) and Cavey's arch-nemesis, Dr. John Zarathustra, D.D.S.

As the chaos mounts through song, dance, and video only the sad-sack everyman Loser Pete holds the power to save Cavey from a vicious fate!

Bethlehem or Bust: How the Three Kings Teamed Up to Deliver the World’s Very First Christmas Prese  | Open: 12/11/10 Close: 12/19/10
Part of Fight Fest at The Brick


Everyone knows about the Three Kings and their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, but not so many people know about the adventures they had on their way to the manger. Bethlehem or Bust, Piper McKenzie’s first-ever family show, envisions the Wise Men as swashbucklers on an action-packed journey where they need to brave all sorts of robbers, monsters, Roman soldiers – and the occasional shepherd – on their way to meet one of history’s most famous babies. (Great for kids age 7 and up!)