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Clocks and Whistles  | Open: 05/04/06 Close: 05/21/06
"CLOCKS AND WHISTLES" centers around Henry, an introverted young man who's making the first tentative steps toward considering himself gay. Despite this, he remains infatuated with his best friend Anne, an aspiring actress who's as outgoing as Henry is shy. When Henry develops a strong attraction to the hedonistic and free-wheeling Trevor, they begin to see each other--until the bisexual Trevor meets Anne and the two begin a secret affair. Confronted by this betrayal, Henry finds himself caught between his interest in Trevor, his deep feelings for Anne and the fear of losing both of them forever.
Tiny Dynamite  | Open: 06/07/12 Close: 07/01/12
An electric play about love, loss and the tiny moments that can change your life forever. An impossible love story is given a second chance and three scorched characters are about to learn that lightning does strike twice. 

Childhood friends Lucien and Anthony escape for a summer in the country. When the dazzling Madeline explodes into their lives, she tears open old wounds, awakening bittersweet secrets of friendship and love. 
From the BAFTA award-winning writer of the critically-acclaimed films The Iron Lady andShame

Trousers  | Open: 10/05/06 Close: 10/22/06
"TROUSERS" takes a funny and quirky look at male friendship as it examines the messy lives of Dermot and Mick, two old college chums who've been out of contact for the last 17 years. Now pushing 40, the duo is forcibly reunited when Mick suddenly appears on Dermot's doorstep and confesses that he's lost his girlfriend, his apartment and his job and needs a place to sort things out. As the two take note of the various changes that have taken place since they last saw each other (Mick's expanding waistline, Dermot's odd interest in yoga and herbal tea) Dermot discovers a relic of their misspent youth: Mick's favorite pair of pants from 1989, purchased in New York City when the duo visited as college students. As the weeks go by, the ambitious Dermot tries to get the bone-idle Mick off the couch and back into the world. But he keeps flashing back to their New York trip in the 80s and the questionable choices, unfulfilled hopes and special pair of trousers that have somehow led both of them to this point in their lives.