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Two Headed Calf's Dyke Division was created specifically for this project and attracted an unusual breadth of collaborators. Notable guest artists in this project vary from visual artists (K8 Hardy), queer Dee-Jays (Amber Valentine ) and performance artists (Jibz a.k.a. Dynasty Handbag, Taylor Mac) to a large theatrical cohort including Mo Angeles (5 Lesbian Brothers), Tina Shepard (Talking Band), Wallace Shawn ("My Dinner With Andre," "Princess Brode," "The L Word" and playwright) and Becca Blackwell (Circus Amok). Not to mention Heidi Schreck, an Obie-winner for Two-Headed Calf's "Drum of the Waves of Horikawa" who first attracted attention in O'Harra's La MaMa productions. When the second season begins, it will add Tony Torn, Lisa Kron, Jim Fletcher and Jennifer Miller (Circus Amok).

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Chamber Opera Project  | Open: 05/06/06 Close: 05/06/06
The Theatre of a Two-headed Calf inaugurates its CHAMBER OPERA COLLABORATIONS PROJECT with a concert featuring the Scenery Ensemble. This project is an unprecedented pairing of four of the most innovative playwrights of today with four truly exciting composers:

#1: Anne Washburn/Sam Hillmer
#2: Lisa D'Amour/James Saunders
#3: Gordon Dahlquist/Mary Bellamy
#4: Mac Wellman/Brendan Connelly

The concert on May 6th is PHASE ONE: a performance of the "initial ideas" of the four composers. The playwrights, who will be in attendance, will hear for the first time their partners "voice". They will then go away, and in the Fall will have a chance to respond to their composer at PHASE TWO. PHASE THREE is a secret.

For more information on this and other Twoheaded Calf projects,

To reserve tickets please email
HIGHLY recommended as seats are limited!

Room For Cream Season One: The Boxed Set!  | Open: 01/22/09 Close: 02/08/09
A dramatic serial of Lesbian life in the Berkshires that previewed at St. Mark's Church and then moved permanently into The Club at La MaMa, where it attracted capacity crowds of fervent fans for eleven full episodes between January and June, 2008. The production was a breakthrough event, of sorts, for The Dyke Division of Two-Headed Calf and its director, Brooke O'Harra. From January 22 to February 8, 2009, La MaMa E.T.C. will remount the hit series for those who couldn't squeeze in or who just can't get enough of it, with "Room for Cream Season One: The One Box Set!"

Each chapter took audiences on a witty sojourn to the mythical town of Sappho, Massachussets where big hearted, often sturdy women gather, most often at a coffee house whose name is the series title. With celebrity guests, witty scripts and savvy stage direction by O'Harra, the series galvanized a community of artists who had been waiting to work together for a long time. There emerged a sense of mission and a sparkle, as the creators realized they were filling a necessary niche by writing parts for lesbian and transgender actors. Audiences responded to the project's wit, sincerity and depth (rare enough onstage; mostly absent Showtime's titillating TV counterpart, "The L Word"). The addition of "queer art stars" as celebrity guests added an extra dose of brio. Critics reported that the mixed cast and breakneck schedule engendered a stylized entropy that made for must-see theater. Each episode turned into a "happening" of sorts, geared toward giving the often splintered queer community a place to commune and laugh at itself in a light hearted way. Then, O’Harra says, the undertaking "got bigger than itself very quickly."