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East Village Writer's Bloc  | Open: 04/19/06 Close: 04/22/06
Noted author Arthur Nersesian's 1993 play is an ode to the humor, tragedy and humanity of the East Village a decade ago. Located in a basement apartment somewhere around Avenue C, the characters who comprise a writers' support group—the East Village Writer's Bloc—meet every week to read their latest works.

Reggie is a onetime screenwriter who saw his friends experience success while he became the superintendent of the apartment building where he now hosts the group. He lives with his girlfriend, Lucy, who was an active participant in the group until she grew despondent from lack of praise. Samantha, Lucy's foil, continues to attend the group and regale her friends with moral tales about women's rights rife with Kafka-esque allegories, in the process, garnering little praise herself. Her main adversaries amongst the group are her onetime lover, Miles (who has recently become a cop), and their friend Waldo, who hasn't brought anything new to the group for too long. Along with Lenny, whose graphically-lewd poems and gay-themed limericks amuse, arouse and appall the group, the writers incessantly pick on each other's weaknesses until they fall into the greater good inside each of them.

Celebrated author, and career New Yorker, Arthur Nersesian (The F*ck-Up, Suicide Casanova) grew up amidst poetry readings in Tompkins Square Park and the punk-rock riots that would ensue in the same spot just a few decades later. Time Out New York has described him as "one of the wittiest and most perceptive chroniclers of downtown life."