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Hamlet  | Open: 06/22/06 Close: 06/24/06
This abridged production of Shakespeare's play is uniquely told from Horatio's perspective. With an intimate cast of seven talented actors, it is a fresh look at this classic tale.

**Proceeds benefit the facilities and programs of St. Malachy's Church.**

Love and Hate In Shakespeare  | Open: 06/22/06 Close: 06/24/06
A joyous celebration of the wit and wisdom of the bard complete with music and dance. award winning playwright david vando has ingeniously created a new play based in some of shakespeare's most memorable and beloved scenes, soliloquys and sonnets.

This play tells the story of a young man whose search for love in a world filled with hate teaches him a lesson in life as well as love.

This insightful look into shakespeare is refreshingly different and will prove entertaining to audiences of all kinds. a talented ensemble of actors and musicians brings the bard's words to life in a boldly new

Servy n Bernice & 4Ever  | Open: 03/30/06 Close: 04/08/06
This is a gritty contemporary, urban play, about an interracial relationship between two people who are struggling with their own identities. It was produced on Broadwat in 1992, with Ron Eldard currently in DOUBT, and Cynthia Nixon oof Sex and The City, and Rosie Perez.