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61 Dead Men  | Open: 04/19/06 Close: 04/23/06
A social and political commentary, 61 Dead Men follows Haml, an artist who feels as if he cannot do enough simply by creating. To instill change in a world gone wrong he turns to destruction. Haml soon finds himself lost in a downward spiral of his own hubris. The play follows the tradition of Shakespeare and Aristotle, adapting the tragic formula that has made Hamlet and Macbeth timeless classics.

Second City Conservatory graduate Janus Surratt -- who founded NewFormat Improvisation -- developed the production through improvisation. He aims to develop formats that push the limits of commonplace ad lib, placing it within the realm of a true art form. 61 Dead Men asks the question: what is needed to create change in our world?

Btw's New Work Series  | Open: 06/01/06 Close: 06/02/06
a collection of new works from up and coming NYC playwrights...

Fugue for Fred and Four Seasons by Matte O'Brien
Directed by Danya Nardi

Subverse by Jeremy Patterson
Directed by Greg Cicchino

The Third Stage by Matt Johnson
Directed by Greg Cicchino