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'night, Mother  | Open: 10/23/06 Close: 11/14/06
‘NIGHT, MOTHER is best summed up in the words of Frank Rich writing for the New York Times:
"Miss Norman's play is simple only in the way that an Edward Hopper painting is simple. As she perfectly captures the intimate details of two individual, ordinary women, this playwright locates the emptiness that fills too many ordinary homes on too many faceless streets in the vast country we live in now."
Does ‘night, Mother say no to hope? It's easy to feel that way after reeling from this play's crushing blow. But there can be hope if there is understanding, and it is Marsha Norman's profound achievement that she brings both understanding and dignity to forgotten and tragic American lives.

The cast of ‘NIGHT, MOTHER includes Leslye Anderson and Evangeline Johns.

‘NIGHT, MOTHER Directed by Max McGuire.
Action/Cowboys#2/Chicago by Sam Shepard  | Open: 04/21/06 Close: 05/13/06
In the Obie Award-winning play "Action", four characters search for purpose in a foreign world that is somehow strangely familiar to them. As they try to "act out" a normal life together, their true nature reveals itself, with surprising and sometimes disturbing results.

"Cowboys #2", a rewrite of Sam Shepard's lost first play, tells the story of two young men who create a world for themselves in a void where the only limit is the extent of their imagination. That world begins to dissolve, as an impending external force works to separate and destroy them. As they struggle to survive, they find that force may not be quite so external.

Lastly, in "Chicago", another Obie Award winner, what do you do when your wife is leaving you and the world as you know it is quickly falling apart? You take a bath, of course! Join our hero, Stu, as he does just that in an attempt to cope with his loss, and in doing so, may just save the fate of mankind!

In an experience harkening back to the early days of Café La Mama and Theatre Genesis, these wickedly absurd and surprisingly poignant gems from the Shepard tome is sure to leave an indelible impression on your mind.

Angel City  | Open: / / Close: 07/11/06
In ANGEL CITY, a rising star in the shape of a reluctant and reclusive artist is called down to Hollywood to save a disaster movie script. With no knowledge of how things work in tinsel town, he arrives armed only with a mysterious faith. He strikes the pose of savior in hopes that it will take root, as he and his fellow prisoners try to come up with an original idea to either feed or kill the green monster growing in the heart of their creation.

Sam Shepherd explores the complex world of ambition in this beautiful and poetic farce set in the seductive and climate controlled dream machine of Hollywood. He uses his beloved myths to explore the business of myth making.

Bad Evidence  | Open: 09/13/06 Close: 10/05/06
Abounds when a husband and wife, talking in bed after a dinner party they've hosted, confront each other with sex, truths and/or lies as they confront a crisis they had intended to leave unexamined.

Directed by Louis Lopardi
Cast: Thomas Francis Murphy and Duvall O'Steen

Forensic and the Navigators/ States of Shock  | Open: 09/13/06 Close: 10/06/06
Sharing the same bill with States of Shock, Forensic and the Navigators is set in the post-apocalyptic future, where two rebellious men attempt to liberate an asylum run by a vicious opposing faction. As the story plays out, we discover the two sides may not be so different in their thinking. First performed in 1967, many parallels in this piece can be drawn to present-day conflicts, with both funny and disturbing results.
This play is a brilliant exploration through the landscape of the tortured minds of two army veterans, played against the cold indifference of those who are not touched by war. It first appeared at the American Place Theatre on April 30th, 1991, an apparent response to the 1st Gulf war, but the power of this drama forces the audience to conclude that any war is hell.
Geography Of A Horse Dreamer  | Open: 06/14/06 Close: 07/07/06
In GEOGRAPHY OF A HORSE DREAMER, Shepard sounds off like a bucking bronco on Art and the Seduction of the Artist. Picture: Cody, a man with the other-worldly gift to dream the winners of horse races - kidnapped by gangsters and dragged to a hotel room in an undisclosed country where - alas - he loses his gift. #%@&! All hell, hilarity and madness break out here as Cody struggles desperately to recapture his essence, knowing all too well that his life means nothing if he can no longer deliver. "Something drastic must take place!"
Seduced  | Open: 10/22/06 Close: 11/19/06
The Michael Chekhov Theatre Company is pleased to announce the return of their production SEDUCED by Sam Shepard. Back by popular demand, SEDUCED depicts an almost surreal Howard Hughes-like figure in the character of Henry Hackamore, the drama's tragic-comic lead. This comic and brilliantly revealing allegory is both entertaining and often thought provoking. Once again, Shepard has penned a tale which examines the mythic aspects of American Life.

Directed by Joe Zarro
Cast: Vance Clemente, Jennifer Leigh, Michael Smith Rivera and Amy Cassel Taft

Shaved Splits  | Open: 09/24/06 Close: 10/16/06
A play about the absurdity of politics and war through the lens of a spoiled trophy wife and a radical revolutionary.

Directed by Jason Jones
Cast: Darcie Champagne, Michael Mason, Doua Moua, Toshi Nakayama, Josh Painting and Samuel H. Perwin

The Bitter Tears Of Petra Von Kant  | Open: 09/21/09 Close: 10/06/09
Fassbinder’s most famous film, which questions the possibility of truly selfless love, started as a stage play:

Fashion designer Petra von Kant is a part of the German post-war economic miracle. A self-made business owner, she imperiously rules her family and business kingdoms with the help of Marlene, her long suffering assistant. When a friend introduces her to a social-climbing young lady, Petra learns the truth behind Thomas Mann’s dictum “who loves the more is the inferior and must suffer.”

The God of Hell  | Open: 01/14/07 Close: 02/05/07
In Sam Shepard's timely new play, a literally electrifying and diabolical political comedy, Emma (Susie Abraham) and Frank (Danton Bankay) are a pair of Wisconsin dairy farmers who hide their spark-ejecting friend Haynes (Brett Haines), on the lamb from a top-secret research lab, in their basement. All goes glowingly until government agent Welch (Steve Kelly), posing as a salesman of patriotic memorabilia, comes to snoop and dole out torture and justice for all. The God of Hell is Shepard's reaction to the War on Terror, a wickedly dark farce in the vein of Joe Orton.
The Sam Shepard Festival  | Open: 03/15/06 Close: 04/10/06

Simpatico, Directed by Ann Bowen
Buried Child Directed by Tom Herman
A Lie of the Mind Directed by Dr. Kathy Curtiss

SIMPATICO is about the tough world of the racing fraternity, where Shepard examines guilt and restitution and the real hold of the past.

Winner of the 1979 Pulitzer Prize, BURIED CHILD is set in a squalid farm home occupied by a family filled with suppressed violence and an unease born of deep-seated unhappiness. The family harbors a dark secret. Years earlier, the grandfather had buried an unwanted newborn baby in an undisclosed spot, creating a cloud of guilt.

Winner of the New York Drama Critics Award as the best play, A LIE OF THE MIND tells the story of two families torn apart by a severe incident of spousal abuse. Exploring family dysfunction and the nature of love, the play follows Jake as he searches for meaning after his wife, Beth, struggles with brain damage.

The Unseen Hand/ Back Bog Beast Bait  | Open: 11/26/06 Close: 12/18/06
Sharing the same bill with Back Bog Beast Bait, The Unseen Hand, by Sam Shepard, is a haunting protest against the dehumanizing tendencies of modern societies and a powerful affirmation of the human spirit. The play moves after the "revolution" in a surrealistic and Kafkaesque world. Nogoland is the area ruled absolutely in which three brothers, old style "desperadoes" from the Wild West have been summoned out of the 19th century by the single individual who is trying to throw off the yoke of his inhuman oppressors.

Directed by Tom Amici

True West  | Open: 01/09/07 Close: 01/27/07
Austin (Thomas Amici), an Ivy League-educated, hopeful screenwriter, has returned to his mother's home outside L.A., intent on selling his latest script to a Hollywood producer. But Austin's world is turned upside down when his older brother Lee (Tim Scott), a crude petty thief, shows up unexpectedly and tries to sell his story - a "true" American western - to the intrigued producer. As the two estranged men wrangle over their screenplays, bicker, get drunk, and trash the house, they soon come to realize that deep down they may not be so different after all. Also features James Pravasilis and Julie M. Finch. Stage Managed by Russell Marisak.
True West  | Open: 11/22/06 Close: 01/05/07
Sam Shepard's 1980 dark comedy, True West, is an explosive exploration of family dysfunction and sibling rivalry. Austin , an Ivy League-educated, hopeful screenwriter, has returned to his childhood home outside L.A., intent on selling his latest script to a Hollywood producer. But Austin's world is turned upside down when his older brother Lee, a crude petty thief, shows up unexpectedly and tries to sell his story - a "true" American western - to the intrigued producer. As the two estranged men wrangle over their screenplays, bicker, get drunk, and trash the house, they soon come to realize that deep down they may not be so different after all. Intensely psychological! Hideously funny! The duality of human personality and our primal capacity for violence .
When The World Was Green  | Open: 06/05/06 Close: 06/27/06
In WHEN THE WORLD WAS GREEN by Sam Shepard and Joseph Chaikin, an old man is interrogated by a young interviewer about a murder he committed. His victim was not, it seems, the man he intended to kill as part of a generations-old blood feud, and the interviewer has her own hidden agenda. Spun from a web of meditations on everything from cooking to warfare (and nicely set off by Woody Regan's multicolored piano arrangements played by Larry Chertoff) the play glimmers with Shepardesque themes: the falseness of memory, the gulf between men and women and above all, the uncertainty of identity.