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Disgraced Productions (www.disgracedproductions.com) was founded in 2005 by Robert Attenweiler with the intent to work with other emerging and established artists to make ambitious, high quality, independent theater.

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And we all wore leather pants  | Open: 09/06/07 Close: 09/29/07
The ground literally moves beneath the feet of the Sturgess family with the arrival of a strange visitor, some heavy metal-tinged magic in the air and the revelation that one of them may be part of the world's most notorious rock band. Disgraced Productions brings to the stage all the fun, attitude and absurdity of 80s heavy metal mixed with a working class family trying to keep all that they have, each other, from slipping away.
Cowboy Mouth & Thick Like Piano Legs  | Open: 02/21/06 Close: 03/07/06
A pair of one-acts
Cowboy Mouth by Sam Shepard
A woman had kidnapped a man off the street and plans to turn him into her rock n' roll savior but they fall in love along the way.

Thick Like Piano Legs
by Robert Attenweiler
Where a lounge-singing savior came, never delivered and now has to go.
directed by John Patrick Hayes

Kansas City Or Along The Way  | Open: 10/05/06 Close: 10/22/06
Two strangers lives collide in 1930s Southern Ohio in this stirring new play by the playwright that critics have called a "talent that absolutely bears watching." Kansas City Or Along The Way moves with the pulse of a Woody Guthrie song and an innovative language that perfectly captures the heart of the American Heartland.
Our Greatest Year  | Open: 10/11/12 Close: 10/11/12
Former Clevelander, Robert Attenweiler (the playwright), has long joked to former Clevelander, Scott Henkle (the comic writer and illustrator), that 2007, at least for Cleveland sports fans, might go down as “our greatest year” – as each of our beloved sports teams (The Cavaliers, Indians and Browns) was “this close” to winning it all for Cleveland, the longest-suffering of fans … but still managed to end each season in embarrassing, disgraceful fashion.

Originally staged as part of The Comic Book Theater Festival at The Brick, OUR GREATEST YEAR is an engaging blend of live stage action and projected motion comics that follows aspiring sports blogger, Harvey Pruit, and his new wife, Elton, as they return to Cleveland, OH to care for his ailing father, watch another tortured year of Cleveland sports and learn about loss, losing and the myths we create to make sense of both. 

Just in time to kick-off Comic-Con weekend and fresh off a Midwest Tour, Our Greatest Year will run for ONE NIGHT ONLY, Thursday 10/11 – 8pm – at The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th St. – between 2nd Ave and the Bowery – no wheelchair access). Tickets ($20) may be purchased online at www.ourgreatestyear.com. Our Greatest Year is directed by Anna Brenner and features Rebecca Benhayon and Eric Slater.

The New York Times says Our Greatest Year is a “tender and knowing inquiry into just why sports fans are so messed up, takes it’s time listening to what its characters say (or don’t say) and why. As such, it is an oasis of psychological complexityamong the bells and whistles… Anna Brenner’s empathic direction brings this unflagging pessimist [Harvey] and his mystified wife to vivid life.” Nytheatre.com says “[Rebecca Benhayon and Eric Slater] both give nuanced, deeply felt performances and … the play is filled with Attenweiler’s signature poetic language, which does for Ohioans what Tennessee Williams’s plays did for Southerners…” “[Henkle’s art] has a dry, self-deprecating wit reminiscent of American Splendor…” (The Mary Sue)

About the Company: Disgraced Productions

Disgraced Productions (www.disgracedproductions.com) was founded in 2005 by Robert Attenweiler with the intent to work with other emerging and established artists to make ambitious, high quality, independent theater.

The Butterfield Tones  | Open: 03/10/07 Close: 03/18/07
The Butterfield Tones expected their first tour to bring them fame and fortune. What it brought them was thin crowds, Ike's aggressive womanizing and Tina's insistence that when she sings she is visited by the ghost of a masked professional wrestler, who, she's convinced, has come to save her.