Billionaires For Bush

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Have fun while making a political statement.

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Billionaire Follies in DICK CHENEY'S HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR: THE LAST HUZZAH!  | Open: 12/16/07 Close: 12/16/07
It's the Bush crew's last holiday season in the White House, and they're bringing an all new meaning to the phrase "Christmas loot." Come on down to Cheney's lavish bunker, and join the sparkling and irrepressible Billionaire Follies for one last year-end toast to plutocracy. Packed with Dick's favorite carols, this twisted holiday review features Toys for the World (Are Made by Kids), The Halliburton Chorus, and a visit to the island of misfit Republicans. Celebrate with the Billionaires at their fabulous holiday party, and you may even leave with a little White House loot of your own!

The creative team includes Billionaire Follies Artistic Director Melody Bates ("Ivy League-Legacy"), resident director Mahayana Landowne ("Bella de Ball"), and choreographer DJ McDonald ("Seamus Lee Rich"). The writing team is headed by Melody Bates and David Bennett.

Red, White & Bling!
Election Night 2008 with The Billionaire Follies
 | Open: 11/04/08 Close: 11/04/08
The political activist group rallies for what would seem to be a last farewell party

Spring Bling!  | Open: 03/18/06 Close: 04/15/06
SPRING BLING! is a performance spectacular with ALL the excess and TWICE the greed that you've come to expect from the Billionaires. Thrill to the silver spoon tones of these super-rich singers while the glamorous gams of the Follies Heiresses dazzle you in the mesmerizing choreography of resident choreographer Seamus Lee Rich.

Each night boasts its own theme: "The Wearing of The Green" on March 18th is a chance for Billionaires to wear their cash on their sleeves (hearts not required); Saturday, March 25th is "Scandals Night"; followed by "Billionaire War Bacchanal" on April 8th; and "The Big Tax Day Blowout" on April 15th.

Come each week and play games like "Pin the Brain on the President" and "He Said What?" Watch as they kick off the 2006—Keep It Fixed! election season with their unique songs and sketches. You can even join in some much needed target practice with Dick Cheney! And when the Billionaires throw a party, you never know who will show up -- the guest list already includes Dick himself and The Donald Rumsfeld Old Tyme String Band. Nothing succeeds like excess!