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Dogs  | Open: 12/06/07 Close: 12/22/07
Stranded in a world where each day has twenty hours of light, each home has a mile between it and the next, and each dog has his own loyalties, two brothers are forced to identify where their allegiance lies. Through distortion and deceit, DOGS challenges the notion of man's best friend. Starring Jennifer Lafleur, Joshua Leonard and Ross Partridge.
Things Beyond Our Control  | Open: 01/17/05 Close: 01/28/05
Winner of the Princess Grace Foundation Playwriting Award, Kellerman's play begins on a rainy Texas night, when a cabbie commits hit-and-run. Though they try to forget it happened, guilt draws the driver and his passenger together and seven lives change forever. The well-drawn characters include a lesbian airline employee, a doctor with the bedside manner of a mannequin, a waitress who always carries a burn kit - just in case, a single father whose only happiness hovers near death, a high-strung business woman, an ex-con terrified of Texas justice and a street magician whose verbal contortions hide a thirty-year battle to rectify his past. This is a play about Dallas, love, fate, magic and peach pie.