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Galileo  | Open: 01/25/06 Close: 03/18/06
Set in 1600 Italy, the play tells the story of the life and times of Galileo, his relationship with his mistress, his astromical discoveries and his trial before the Holy Inquisition
Galileo  | Open: 01/25/06 Close: 02/18/06
'Galileo' spans 33 years in 90 minutes. Unlike Brecht, who used the character of Galileo to write about his own time, this 'Galileo' is written from documents and history and focuses on the world of seventeenth century Italy. The drama tells of Galileo's love for Marina Gamba, his mistress of 12 years, his ambiguous relationship with Pope Urban VIII, the life and death of his daughter, and a dramatic trial at the end