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A Midsummer Night's Dream  | Open: 02/01/06 Close: 02/12/06
Shakespeare's timeless comedy of love, lunacy and magic comes alive in modern
day NYC. There's something for everyone in this latest production by the Queens
Players – SOHO hipsters, club-hopping ravers, Wall Street Execs, blue-collar
tradesman and passionate baseball fans abound in a wonderful mélange of modern
day sensibilities and classical text that's suitable for all ages. So give us your
hands if we be friends....
Sextangle  | Open: 03/08/06 Close: 03/25/06
Mix the Marx Brothers, Shakespeare, Abbott and Costello, Oscar Wilde, and Rowan Atkinson and what do you get?

Madness. Mayhem. Totally zany comedy the way it used to be: funny.

Introducing Sextangle, a fast-paced farce about love, sex, and marriage. Loosely based on the comic tradition of commedia dell'arte – plus any other comic tradition worth stealing from – it is the story of a rich old miser and his dottering old friend. The daughters and son they're trying to marry off. And the clowns who get in the way.