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Grown Ups  | Open: 01/12/06 Close: 02/05/06
Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, GROWN UPS is an acerbic comedy in which a middle-aged journalist has finally grown up, only to find he's trapped in a world of emotional infants.

Jake, a frustrated writer, struggles to set boundaries between his own family and his invasive parents, save a floundering marriage, and protect his daughter from an emotionally isolated childhood. In this transgenerational battle for recognition and validation, Jules Feiffer takes an unforgiving look at the maturity indicative of the adult. Painfully raw and embarrassingly honest, GROWN UPS allows us to laugh with humility at the child in us all.

At the request of Mr. Feiffer's agent, The Roundtable Ensemble must insist that there be NO REVIEWS of this production.

Save The World  | Open: 01/17/08 Close: 02/09/08
A globe-spanning adventure, exploring the moral limitations of incredible power. The superheroes of the Protectorate (Legend, Umbra, Stagger, Prodigy, Quake, Roach, and Future-Knight) fight bravely to protect the earth from a series of seemingly unrelated disasters. But when the unthinkable occurs the team begins to splinter. In their desperate search for the cause of the threat, compromises are made. So are mistakes. With their incredible powers and their human failings, the heroes risk becoming threats themselves to the good they've sworn to uphold. A story of sin, sacrifice, and salvation.