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Escape From Bellevue & Other Stories  | Open: 12/02/05 Close: 01/14/06
"The story is a Campion's show even the lowest points in his life come off as high comedy....Between the howls of laughter were shocked murmurs from the crowd."

'ESCAPE FROM BELLEVUE' combines Campion's highly personal monologues, rough- edged rock songs with his band and a few prankish video skits for good measure. The result is a 90-minute journey through crippling addiction, a fragile recovery and...some hilariously good times." [Rafer Guzman, Newsday]

Escape from Bellevue & Other Stories is a rollicking new real-life rock-n-roll odyssey—a music and monologue-driven multimedia production centered around the darkly comical, autobiographical tales of a certain New York entertainer's hilariously brazen and ultimately sobering experiences landing in (3 times) and escaping from (once) Manhattan's famously foreboding institution of Bellevue--a feat that makes him "the Steve McQueen of rock-n-roll," since no patient has done this since 1963. Horton Foote Jr. directs this new work, written and performed by Christopher John Campion.