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Impetuous Theater Group is a member based Indie Theater company dedicated to producing new work in New York with emerging artists through ensemble, creation of family, and education.

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12th Night of the Living Dead  | Open: 10/25/07 Close: 11/11/07
From Impetuous Theater Group, the company behind pool-riffic SWIM SHORTS 3: ARE YOU IN? and the hit comedy THE CHRONOLOGICAL SECRETS OF TIM, comes a new twist on Illyria. When a strange meteor smashes into a ship en route to Illyria, the bodies pile up as fast as the romantic complications. Will true love prevail? Can a zombie be made to understand the affairs of the heart, without eating it? Or will the fools of Illyria never live to see another dawn? Find out what happens when one of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies meets George Romero's seminal zombie-filled horror Night of the Living Dead?

12th NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD stars Aaron Zook* (Orsino), Shashanah Newman (Olivia), Lindsay Wolf* (Viola), Reyna de Courcy (Olivia's Sister), Timothy Cox (Sir Toby Belch), Ben Fine (Sir Andrew Aguecheek), Erin Jerozal (Maria), Larry Giantonio* (Feste), Tom Knutson (Malvolio), Will Schminke (Fabian), Neimah Djourachi (Captain), Alex Pappas* (Curio), Joe Mathers (Valentine), Michael Bottomley (Sebastian), and Brendan Bradley (Antonio). The design team includes Rachel Gordon (lighting), Lilli Rhiger (costume), Ryan Dowd (sound), Sally O'Malley (makeup), Janet Zarecor (assistant makeup), Joe Powell (puppet design) and . Sarah Locke serves as the stage manager.

12th Night of the Living Dead (an extreme staged reading)  | Open: 02/16/06 Close: 02/17/06
In the latter half of the year 1601, William Shakespeare brought his new work, Twelfth Night, to his contemporary Ben Jonson. After reading the piece, Jonson was purported to say "It's not bad William, but about the zombies . . . " As William had a certain affinity for zombies (his father was a butcher), he quickly renamed the piece "Twelfth Night of the Living Dead" and mentioned the change to some locals. These locals could not remember the latter half of the title and the play was thus coined "Twelfth Night; or, What you Will". We are proud to present the play as Shakespeare intended it.
A Night Near the Sun  | Open: 05/12/06 Close: 05/27/06
A young girl disappears for three days before waking up along the side of the interstate, setting off a series of events that culminates in tragedy. A Night Near the Sun explores the consequences of alienation, alien abduction and obsession in small town USA.

assistant director JAMIE KLASSEL


set design JOE POWELL
assistant set design AMANDA HALEY
lighting design GEORGE GOUNTAS
costume design MELISSA HALEY
sound design RYAN DOWD

After Darwin  | Open: 05/07/09 Close: 05/24/09
Impetuous Theater Group celebrates the bicentennial of Charles Darwin's birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of The Origin of Species with the New York premiere of AFTER DARWIN by Timberlake Wertenbaker (Tony-nominated Our Country's Good).

AFTER DARWIN begins in 1831 as naturalist Charles Darwin embarks on a South American journey with Robert FitzRoy, a scientist and fundamentalist Christian. The men's voyage aboard the HMS Beagle leads to Darwin embracing a radical vision of the world's evolution, and a fracture in his relationship with FitzRoy, who is determined for faith to win out. After Darwin unveils FitzRoy and Darwin's incredible story as well as the the struggles of a cast of modern actors to deal with the consequences of Darwin's theories during rehearsal of a play about the fateful journey.

AFTER DARWIN premiered at the Hampstead Theatre in the United Kingdom in 1998. The Belfast Telegraph raved that "Like Tom Stoppard's Arcadia, After Darwin leads its audience through difficult concepts, scarcely allowing us to catch our breath before offering another idea for our consideration. After Darwin is everything good theatre should be -thought provoking, quality entertainment."

Hack! An I.t. Spaghetti Western  | Open: 06/10/10 Close: 06/19/10
When Hedge fund I.T. employees, Cal, Dash, and Jay, discover that they’ve been hacked – and that the hack is one of them - they scramble to pin it on each other to snag the gold in this ultimate showdown of the Good, the Bad and the Geek. A recent hit at this season’s Vampire Cowboys Saloon Series, watching HACK! The Live DVD Cut is just like popping in a DVD to watch your favorite episodes where you even get to select the extras (deleted scenes, bloopers, commentary) that are acted out in front of you.

Starring Neimah Djourabchi, Benjamin Ellis Fine, Felicia Hudson, Kate Kenney, Joseph Mathers, Nick Monroy, Lauren Schroeder, Mark Souza, Alisha Spielmann, and C.L. Weatherstone.  Produced by Hack! Theatrics and Impetuous Theater Group.


Office Sonata  | Open: 12/09/05 Close: 12/14/05
Young employees just starting out in life get a bizarre and hilarious crash course in the ways of Corporate America at the Empie Advertising Agency, a powerful company with its own twisted views on how to increase productivity.

with Brendan Bradley, Bryce Gill, Beth Jastroch, DH Johnson, Steve Lavner*, Shashanah Newman, Heidi Niedermeyer, Rose O'Hara*, Brian Smallwood, Justin Swain, asst. director . . . Jamie Klassel, set design . . . Rachel Gordon, costume design . . . Kara Harmon, lighting design . . . George Gountas, sound design . . . Ryan Dowd, script consultant . . . James Carter, fight director . . . Qui Nguyen, asst. set design . . . Janene Husband, video editing . . . Andrew Gaines, technical director . . . Sam Narrison, stage manager . . . Nancy Vallada res, asst. stage manager . . . Mana Fujikatsu, props mistress . . . Amanda Haley, artistic director . . . James David Jackson, managing director . . . Josh Sherman, production manager . . . Joe Powell,

* Equity Approved Showcase

Swim Shorts 3: Are You In?  | Open: 07/18/07 Close: 08/12/07
Presented by Joe Cecala and Impetuous Theater Group, SWIM SHORTS 3: ARE YOU IN? is a site-specific short play theater festival inspired by the greatest summer invention of all time, the swimming pool. Originally presented in 2002 and 2003, the festival returns just in time to beat global warming. As the sun sets over Manhattan, the plays unfold around the Holiday Inn Midtown's picturesque rooftop pool. Stick around after the show to swim under the stars.

SWIM SHORTS 3: ARE YOU IN? boasts new short plays by some of today's up-and-coming indie playwrights -- Eric Walton, creator of the Off Broadway sensation Esoterica; renowned performance artist Roi "Bubi" Escudero; Brian MacInnis Smallwood; Seth Kramer and Janet Zarecor among others.

The festival presents two series of five plays each.

SERIES A July 18 - 29
Joe the Lifeguard by CL Weatherstone
Forgiveness by Janet Zarecor
Jettison by Brendan Bradley
A Proverbial Affair by Roi "Bubi" Escudero
Der Eisbar by Joe Mathers & Brian MacInnis Smallwood

SERIES B August 1 - 12
Practice by Josh Sherman
Twins by Seth Kramer
A Simple Prop by Jesse Cervantes
Crash Landing by Joe Powell
The Pitch by Eric Walton

Tickets to the show are $18. Post-show swimming is only $7 extra at the door.

The Chronological Secrets of Tim  | Open: 05/18/07 Close: 06/03/07
When the love of Tim's life leaves him on his 30th birthday due to his flagrant sexual indiscretions, his solution is an overdramatic suicide. It makes perfect sense for a man whose love life has played out against a Madonna soundtrack. Before he can off himself, Tim must deal with two ex-girlfriends and revisit his outrageous and heartbreaking past.

The Chronological Secrets of Tim is a biting comedy that examines the existence of a reformed jerk and the women who love him no matter what.

Sarah Ali directs.

The Second Annual 47:59 Play Festival  | Open: 02/18/06 Close: 02/19/06
In our second annual festival, it's a fierce race against the clock to write, rehearse and perform six brand new plays in exactly 47 hours and 59 minutes. Each of our six playwrights will write a first act of a new work over the course of one evening. The following morning, the piece is handed off to the 6 directors and 18 actors, who rehearse the pieces for performance that evening. After the first act comes down - that's when things get really interesting. The playwrights will then rotate and write the second act of one of their colleague's works from the previous night.
The Vigil Or The Guided Cradle  | Open: 04/22/10 Close: 05/08/10
A Medieval mercenary tortures a terrorist in 15th Century Prague while a young tourist in the 21st Century befriends a mysterious translator.  A play about the danger of crossing over, THE VIGIL orTHE GUIDED CRADLE is a chilling portrait of the art of torture--its future created by its past.

FeaturingOuter Critics Circle nominee Susan Louise O'Connor with Dion Mucciacito, Christian Rummel, Travis YorkVinnie Penna, Alex Pappas & Joseph Mathers. 

Produced by Impetuous Theater Group and the Brick Theater, winner of the 2009 New York Innovative Theatre Awards Caffe Cino Award.