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Broken Journey  | Open: 11/12/05 Close: 12/10/05
An empty gax tank bring three people together of an unhabited stretch of highway. Troy, a curious biker; Andre, a wealthy young bachelor; and Chloe, Andre's adventerous girlfriend. When police arrive on the scene within hours, an inexplicable act of violence has taken place. Interrogations of the participants - and of Mrs. Millwood, a local clairvoyant - only add to the ambiguity. Was the violence deliberate or accidental, was rape involved and who did what to whom? An adaptation of the Akutagawa story "In A Grove" and the Kurosawa film Rashomon.
MURROW  | Open: 05/04/16 Close: 05/22/16
“Murrow,” a one-character play in two acts, traces the life of famed broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow from his beginnings as a young man growing up in Washington State, to his entry into radio with the fledgling CBS radio network, to his famed broadcasts from London during the “blitz,” to his on-air showdown with Senator Joseph McCarthy  in 1954. The play ends as Murrow is forced off the air by his one-time friend and mentor Bill Paley when Murrow’s penchant for controversial programs becomes too risky for the CBS Corporation to bear. More than just a biography of one of the icons of American journalism, “Murrow” is ultimately a powerful, scathing indictment of the modern corporate-media complex.