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A Broken Christmas Carol  | Open: 12/08/05 Close: 12/30/05
It's a "Broken" take on a Christmas classic as three playwrights conspire to irreverently update Dickens' masterpiece for the 21st Century. Scrooge gets shoved out of the spotlight when two Jewish kids search for the true meaning of Christmas, a lapsed homeboy is spooked into keeping it real, and Bob Cratchit pimps his family out to reality T.V. Filled with laughs, gasps, and (we swear) real Christmas Spirit, A Broken Christmas Carol will haunt you like "an undigested bit of beef." This ain't your daddy's Christmas Carol.
Never Tell  | Open: 07/22/06 Close: 08/13/06
What's your dirty little secret? In today's upgraded personal existence, virtual relationships are as common as virtual imaging. Is anything, as it truly seems? Who is one to trust? Your lover, friends your superiors, NEVER TELL examines the fine line between trust and greed, repression and aggression - because sometimes you can never tell.