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The Lady Cavalier Theatre Company is a NYC based, nonprofit organization that was founded to promote a stronger female image and raise awareness of historical women warriors through original works that specialize in the art of theatrical combat. Through our productions and educational workshops we aim to challenge the stereotype of the "weaker sex".

Since 2000 we have produced GLORIA, a swashbuckling fairy tale, which won the Genie Award for Outstanding Original Production; BOLD IN 'ER BREECHES, about the C18th female pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Read, in collaboration with the South Street Seaport Museum; two short films, A DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD and TEA BEFORE HONOUR, both based on actual duels between women; and the annual WOMEN-AT-ARMS FESTIVAL a celebration of historical women warriors and modern action heroines in both NYC and LA. We encourage playwrights to develope new pieces by holding STAGED READINGS of new plays that feature women in strong roles or tell the true stories of women throughout history. We also lead theatrical combat WORKSHOPS for organizations like the Association for Theater & Higher Education, The Five Colleges Multi-Cultural Theatre Committee, Drew University, Mount Holyoke College and Camp Broadway, among many others.

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The Lady Cavaliers: Signature Stories  | Open: 12/01/05 Close: 12/18/05
THE LADY CAVALIERS: SIGNATURE STORIES is comprised of 5 short plays. Each work is an action-packed historically inspired look at women, who long before the women's liberation movement and feminism, were strong, self-reliant, protector of rights--role models for today's modern women. MRS. GARRUD'S DOJO is comedic marital duel about a woman's fight for her right to vote; THE TRUNG SISTERS is based on the heroics of two ancient female freedom fighters from South East Asia; 'TWAS TWO TO A GRAVE expose the lives of two infamous female pirates of the Caribbean, Anne Bonny and Mary Read; CONTESTANT 325 , a solo piece about Helena Meyer, the Jewish-German fencer who became a political pawn between the US and Nazi Germany during the 1936 Olympic Games; and finally the satiric A SILENT EXCHANGE is a hilarious mime about the unprofessional behavior of a pair of dueling movie stars.