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Frustrated by the lack of quality roles available to young women in the theatre, Apple Girl Productions was formed in the Spring of 2005 by several like-minded New York actresses looking to empower themselves and others in the performing arts. Since that time, Apple Girl Productions has emerged as a new theatre company dedicated to changing the landscape of New York theatre by producing works that showcase women's issues and women's lives, their spirit and their strength.

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Why We Have A Body  | Open: 11/03/05 Close: 11/22/05
WHY WE HAVE A BODY is a funny, lyrical play about two young women, Lili and her emotionally troubled sister, Mary, who ache for the return of their mother, Eleanor, who left home years ago to "get lost." The play proceeds poetically through a collage of scenes in which the two sisters, their mother, and Lili's new lover Renee, speak alternately to the audience and to each other, as they try to live with absence and great distance. The women are taught few skills with which to navigate their lives, and in each case, the women's chosen fields are a flight from traditional roles, propelled by a fear of getting stuck in a groove of routine. The vast spaces that separate us from our past, from the ones we love, and from knowing ourselves constitute their landscape. Through contrasts and contradictions, Chafee presents the struggle and search of these four women in a kaleidoscopic form, shifting space and time, as each character finds her own road signs to point the way.

Director: Valerie Davenport
Stage Manager: Meredith Kaufman
Assistant Stage Manager: Jessica Franz
Lighting and Set Design: Patrick Smith
Sound Design: Beau Edmondson

Cast: Laila Ayad* (Lili), Stefanie Black (Mary), Natasha Malinsky (Eleanor), Julie Lynn Stump (Renee)
* Appears Courtesy of Actor's Equity Association

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